My Big Sweetie

I realize that because Luci takes so much of my energy, I don’t write very much about Blacky, my boy dog.  He’s a very good boy.  Very loving, eager to please, even tempered and good natured.  A big black fuzzy teddy bear.  He’s a perfect dog. Always obeys every command that is given to him.  Has never ever misbehaved in the house.  Except for when he was a puppy, he’s never had a bathroom accident in the house.  And even those were few and far between.  Has never chewed anything he wasn’t supposed to.  Never bolts out the front door.  Never pesters the cats.  Happy to lay quietly under the coffee table or at the foot of the stairs when we’re watching TV. 


I know that I can leave him alone in the house and he won’t get into any mischief.  He is a bit of a nervous Nelly and doesn’t like thunderstorms or fireworks.  He can tell when a storm is coming and he’ll stick really close to either me or Hubby until the storm starts.  Once the storm starts, though, he’ll go upstairs and put his head under the bed and wait for the storm to finish.  He has hip dysplasia and arthritis, so I don’t get to take him for walks too often.  When I do take him out for a walk, he doesn’t drag me down the street – and I don’t have to keep tugging on the leash to get him to heel. 


He can tell when either Hubby or I don’t feel good and he will stick by our side until he can tell that we are doing better.  The last time that Hubby threw his back out, Blacky felt so bad for Hubby that he put his favorite stuffed next to Hubby while he slept. 


He was the center of attention when Goldie was alive.  Now he’s the Big Brother and he’s starting to look out for his Little Sister.  The other night when they were outside, someone in the neighborhood started letting off fireworks and he looked for her and made sure she was right beside him when he came inside.  The night Luci had her spay surgery she was asleep on the doggie bed and Blacky sniffed her all over to make sure she was okay before he went to sleep.  Our next door neighbor gives them dog bones every night when he feeds his dogs.  If Blacky happens to be outside without Luci, he’ll come to the back door and bark for her so she doesn’t miss out on the treat. 


I’m hoping that some of his goodness will rub off on Luci.  



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2 responses to “My Big Sweetie

  1. Gina

    I wanna get a puppy for my cat.  Think they would get along?

  2. Beth

    What wonderful companions Blacky and Luci are!

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