In Sickness and In Health

Hubby and I have been married for 22 years.  Over the years, Hubby and I have had to deal with our fair share of health problems.  Unfortunately, most of the problems are Hubby’s.  He has high blood pressure, cholesterol problems, a bad back, colitis, and now shingles.  Luckily, these problems aren’t serious or life threatening.  They’re just a bother and something that we have to keep an eye on and he has to take all kinds of meds because of them.  


He goes to the chiropractor once a month for his back problem.  After learning the hard way that keeping things in line is easier and less painful than trying to put things back where they belong. 


The blood pressure problem is under control with meds and has been for a very long time.  He only has a problem when he over-exerts himself doing yard work or if he’s having a really bad day.


The cholesterol problem is kind of weird.  Hubby’s bad cholesterol was a little too high and his good cholesterol was a little too low.  Believe it or not, low good cholesterol is as dangerous and high bad cholesterol.  The problem isn’t dietary, it’s hereditary.  Add on a bunch of new meds.  The bad cholesterol is under control, but we can’t get the good cholesterol to where it’s supposed to be.


Acid Reflux was the next problem.  At first they thought it might be a lazy esophagus, but they did some tests and discovered it was acid reflux.  More meds.  He’s fine most of the time now, but we have to keep a list of foods that trigger an episode.  And some of the episodes are doozies.  He had chocolate covered raisins at the movies once and they caused an episode so bad he thought he was having a heart attack.  Most of the food triggers we find out by trial and error and when I find one I add it to the list of foods on the side of the refrigerator that Hubby can’t have. 


Colitis was next.  Wow, that was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen.  Came out of nowhere – or so I thought.  Hubby admitted that he’d been having some problems for a while before the big flare up.  It was so bad that Hubby had me take him to the ER.  Hubby NEVER goes to the ER.  They ran all kinds of tests, including a colonoscopy, and discovered that it’s a mild case of colitis.  Thankfully we did a short course of meds for it and he’s currently in remission.  No flare-ups and no meds in two years.  Just cut out the strawberries and popcorn and anything else that might cause a flare-up. 


The strangest problem that Hubby has ever had was a pinched nerve in his left arm.  He said his pinky finger on his left hand felt numb and it was starting to affect his other fingers and travel up his arm.  Family doc sent us to the neurosurgeon.  Turns out that Hubby had pinched a nerve in his elbow from (get this!) resting his arm on the window of the car while he was driving.  For over 30 years, Hubby had driven with his left arm on the window and that pressure pinched the nerve and was causing the pain.  They had to do surgery to release the nerve.  He’s got a great scar on the left elbow (tells everyone it’s from a bar fight!) and he’s not allowed to put his arm in the window when he’s driving anymore. 


The shingles aren’t a problem at the moment.  After about 6 weeks, the majority of the pain and the rash disappeared.  The pain comes back, though, if he’s having a bad day.  I think I’ve heard him complain about it once in the last three weeks.  Guess this is something that we will have to deal with for the rest of his life. 


The acid reflux, colitis, and pinched nerve thing all happened the year before his 50th birthday.  At the time, he said that if this is what happens when you turn 50, he doesn’t want to turn 60.  I can’t say that I blame him.  



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3 responses to “In Sickness and In Health

  1. Beth

    Your husband has a lot to cope with.  The colitis and the acid reflux might work hand in hand at time to cause him grief.  I wish him well!

  2. Kadrin

    Happy Belated Birthday : ) Sheesh, it sounds like you been thru the ringer the past few entries. I alwayts stay home on the 4th with the kitties as they don\’t dig all the noise and there was hours of it here, this year : (Regardless I stayed on the bed reading, so they stayed on the bed and were fairly calm too. Hope yer weekend is going well, hugs Kat

  3. Brenda

    I like the way you titled this one… it\’s clear that you love your Hubby no matter what, and to be able to write about all of the ailments as "annoyances" must be difficult.  It must get overwhelming for you both.  Thanks for sharing this blog.

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