Surviving The Fourth

I survived the 4th of July.  I’m not sure how I did it, but I’m glad that I was able to pull it off.  The 4th of July holiday is always a little stressful because of Blacky’s fear of fireworks.  He’s not a destructive dog, but he’s a nervous dog and he really has a problem with fireworks and thunderstorms.  Unfortunately, we had a little of both.  He pants, drools, and paces around the house whenever he knows there’s a storm coming or when he hears fireworks.  Luckily, I picked up his doggie sedative on Saturday morning and he only had to put up with about 20 minutes of noise.  (It takes the pill about 20 minutes to really take effect.)


This being Luci’s first experience with the 4th of July festivities, I wasn’t sure how she was going to react to the fireworks.  If they are the kind that have pretty colors, like Roman candles or sparklers, then she’s slightly interested in them.  She’ll wrinkle her forehead and sit and watch them but she’s not too sure what to make of the noise.  If it’s the kind that are strictly the noise makers, then she doesn’t want anything to do with them and will run in the house with Blacky and then bark at me to make them stop.  Yea, that makes for a fun evening.  One dog pacing and drooling, the other dog barking at me.  Thank heavens for doggie sedatives.


I really hate giving the dogs the pills because they already don’t understand what’s going on with all the noise and then I give them a pill that makes them feel funny and they look at me like "what did you do to me?" before the finally doze off.  Talk about a major guilt trip!  I give them just enough to help them sleep, but not enough for them to be groggy and disoriented the next morning.  An added bonus to the doggie sedative – Luci has slept through the night the last few nights. 


The other part of the weekend that I didn’t think I was going to survive was the part where Hubby and I had the grandkids for an overnight visit.  The grandkids from Virginia are here for the summer to visit their dad.  The Dad lives in the same town as we do so we are very excited about the chance to spend a lot of time with the grandkids this summer.  We normally only get to see them once a year for a week or so.  Hubby wanted to take them fishing on the morning of the 4th.  That meant getting up early and them being at the lake before the sun came up.  (I don’t fish.)  They were excited about the fishing trip.  Hubby was excited about the fishing trip.  The dogs were excited to have the kids to play with.  I was excited to be able to spend the holiday with the grandkids.  And I had a good reason to go a little overboard with the holiday cookout food.     


There are three grandkids – MR is the boy and he’s 12.  The girls are twins, KL and KR are 10.  They are wonderful, beautiful, normal children.  They talked about everything.  KL didn’t stop talking the entire time she was at the house. They wanted to help me cook.  They wanted to help me clean.  They loved playing with the dogs.  They were on the go from the minute they got to the house until the minute they left.  They all had good appetites and ate everything that was in front of them.  I seriously underestimated how much three pre-teen children could eat.  Except for the potato salad and the pop, there were NO LEFTOVERS.  


I took the grandkids back to their dad last night about 9 p.m.  Hubby and I were so tired after they left that it was all that we could do to get the dogs out to go potty, give them their pills, and then go to bed.  I don’t think we said a word to each other from the time I got home until we went to bed about a half hour later.  I’m glad that I had my mini-vacation to prepare myself for the 4th of July.  I wonder how long it will be take me to talk myself into doing it again.


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  1. Beth

    Aren\’t grandkids wonderful?  Glad you had a good time and the dogs survived the noise and commotion.

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