More People Watching

It’s another beautiful week here in South Central Ohio.  All the beautiful weather means that I get to go to the park by the river every day for lunch.  Here’s a list of some of the interesting people that I’ve seen so far this week. 


Guy with a tattoo on his ear.  Just on his right ear.  The entire ear was covered by a tattoo.  I didn’t see any other tattoos on this guy.  Just the one on his ear. 


Couple holding hands strolling through the park by the River . . . each listening to their own Ipod.  Maybe I’m missing something, but that doesn’t seem very romantic to me.  Walking through the park, holding hands, each listening to their own music. 


Daycare class on field trip to play in the fountains.  If you are a day care provider and you’re going to feed the kids lunch, shouldn’t you know if they have food allergies?  There was one kid who told the teacher he couldn’t eat his sandwich because he was allergic to eggs.  They were trying to feed him a sandwich with mayonnaise and a hard boiled egg. 


Little guy – not more than 2 years old – wearing orange surfer shorts to play in the fountain.  The shorts were so long on this little guy that they almost looked like pants. 


Different little guy – this one about 6 or 7 years old – who brought his swimming goggles with him.  Told his mommy that it was so he could run through the fountains without the water getting into his eyes.  Smart kid! 


I’ve noticed that every day at least one little boy will stand so that the fountains hit him in the rear end.  It’s always a little boy.  I’ve never noticed a girl doing this. 


Guy in the gold velour sweat pants.  I walk past him every day on my way in to the office.  Seriously.  Every day.  Wearing the same gold velour sweat pants.  Have I mentioned that it’s summer in Ohio?  Gold velour sweat pants.  In Ohio.  In the summer.  


Is it any wonder I love summer?



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6 responses to “More People Watching

  1. barnyardmama

    Sounds like a wonderful day.  A tatoo on his ear?  That has to hurt.
    The ipod thing is just a few years behind me, but it\’s very strange.  I\’ve seen kids do this in other situations too.  They\’ll be playing cards together and each will be listening to their own music.  Will there even be conversation in the next twenty years?

  2. Nikki

    Oh……tatoo on the ear?  That gotta hurt!!  And gold velour sweat pants?  That cracked me up!  Thanks for sharing your people watching with us.  It\’s really interesting.  🙂

  3. account deleted

    I loved your people watching experience! I am going away on Sunday and you have just given me an idea… to photograph people and not just scenery! Would make for an interesting post indeedy!
    Liz : )
    PS: My not so little guy now (13) still loves wearing his goggles and baggy surf trunks!

  4. Sierra

    I love to people watch! It\’s amazing the things you see….

  5. Beth

    Wonderful descriptions.  Are you close to Portsmouth?

  6. Kadrin

    Lol on the late night banana run, and who cares what the checkers think?
    So you learned what i learned with training dogs, bring a sib and the training goes right out the win dow, best to keep it one on one, lol, hugs Kat

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