I’ve Got Nothing . . .

I have lots of little things running around in my brain that don’t make a whole blog by themselves.  But pieced together they might make a very interesting read for a Tuesday.



Item #1 – Snakes On A Plane – I’ve been hearing about this movie for months and I can’t wait to see it.  There haven’t been too many movies this summer that I’ve been excited to see, but this one is different somehow.  I don’t really know how to explain it.  It has a simple plot – a U.S. Marshal  is accompanying a key witness to Hawaii. An assassin releases a crate of 400 snakes on a commercial flight in order to get rid of the witness. The marshal, the pilot, the crew and passengers must rally against the snakes.  Samuel L. Jackson plays the U.S. Marshal.  I love Samuel L. Jackson.  This sounds like the perfect summer movie.  It’s a low budget thing that’s been getting lots of internet buzz.  It sounds like one of those hokey Sci-Fi channel movies that Hubby likes to watch.  You know the one, the farmer accidentally sprays too much bug spray and the ants grow into monsters and take over the town.  Sounds like a perfect way to waste an afternoon.  I can’t wait!


#2 – Late Night Trip to Kroger’s – Last night after I finished the dishes and spent 45 minutes on hold with DirecTV to figure out what was going on with the receiver in the living room, I realized that I didn’t have any bananas for breakfast in the morning.  Hubby and I eat a banana for breakfast in the morning.  Something about potassium and healthy eating.  I don’t remember the real reason why.  I only buy a few at a time so they don’t go bad before we eat them all.  I took the last one for my breakfast yesterday and I knew that I’d have to get more.  I just got busy with my domestic goddess stuff – and walking the dogs – that I forgot about it until about 10 p.m. last night.  If it weren’t for the fact that Hubby shares his banana with the dogs every morning, I probably would have just said "too bad" and done without the bananas.  But the dogs don’t understand when their routines are upset and they look at me like "Hey, Lady, get with the program.  Don’t you know that you’re supposed to feed me something now?"  The only time that Luci and Blacky agree on anything is when food is involved.  Drove to Kroger’s, got the bananas, got in the checkout line.  The clerk gave me a funny look because I’m going through her line at 10 p.m. with just bananas.  I told her that the kids would be upset if they didn’t have their bananas for breakfast in the morning.  She seemed to understand . . . but I wonder if she would have understood if I told her the "kids" are my doggies?


Item #3 – Share and Share Alike – Hubby is on a Monday night Dart League.  Turns out that all the guys on the dart team came down with the same sudden mysterious cold that Hubby had last week.  The guys think that there was something in the air at the bar they were at last week – or the fact that they had the AC turned up too high and it was freezing.  They are on a traveling dart league and are hoping they don’t have to go back to that particular bar again soon.  BTW – Hubby is feeling better.  He’s not as whiney today and there weren’t any shredded Kleenex when I got up this morning.  Things are looking up and we might actually survive his summer cold.


That’s all I’ve got for today. . . .



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2 responses to “I’ve Got Nothing . . .

  1. Nikki

    A crate of 400 snakes on a commercial flight to HAwaii???  But no snakes are allowed in Hawaii….thats why there are no snakes in Hawaii.  I have to admit though….the whole thing is kinda interesting and I\’m looking forward to seeing it too.  Looking forward to Superman and devil wears prada too.  Oh….I just love summer movies!

  2. Beth

    Wonderful read, this post.  Keep the snakes away from me.  I am deathly afraid of them.
    Jim and I have to have our banana every morning too.

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