You Want Some Cheese With That Whine?

In case you’re wondering, the weatherman was right.  Shock, shock!  Weather wise, it was a beautiful weekend in South Central Ohio.  Temps in the upper 70’s.  Very little humidity.  Lots of sun.  Nice breezes.  Great weather to be outside . . . and away from the sick whiney person that looks an awful lot like my Hubby. 


Hubby is slowly getting over whatever the heck he caught last week.  This was his Saturday off and Monday is his normal day off, so he’s been coughing and sniffling around the house for the past three days.  Before I start on my rant, I want to say that I am concerned about Hubby’s health because this thing came totally out of nowhere.  Went to bed Tuesday night and he was fine.  Woke up Wednesday morning and he was stuffed up and feeling yucky.  He doesn’t have a fever or chills.  The cough he has sounds fairly productive (yes, I know that sounds gross.  Listening to it is way grosser.)  I know that it’s probably just a cold and we have to wait it out, and if he starts with the fever and chills thing then we have to get medical help.  This happened to me once and it ended up being bronchitis.  I know it’s not fun to be this sick during the summer and I’m trying to be sympathetic and understanding.  I know this is serious because he didn’t go fishing this weekend.  There isn’t much that will keep Hubby from fishing during the summer months. 


Now for the rant part . . . he is seriously making me crazy.  I heard once that a husband is the only child that doesn’t grow up and move away and thought it was funny.  Now I see that it’s completely true.  And not funny.  He’s not hungry – but he keeps asking when I’m fixing breakfast, lunch, or supper.  He doesn’t feel like doing anything, but he’s not the type of guy to sit still for very long.  He isn’t really doing anything – just wandering around the house watching me do whatever I’m doing.  Or he’s looking out the front door saying that he should probably do something but he just doesn’t feel like doing anything.  He was looking for something on the computer and was extremely grumpy when he couldn’t find the answers he was looking for.  He was watching TV and making comments about all the different shows as he was channel surfing.  He seems to have forgotten where the trash can is.  I’m finding tissues, candy wrappers, empty water bottles or Diet Coke cans, and toothpicks all over the house.  Actually, Luci’s been finding the tissues for me . . . . ewwwww.  If they’re not stacked in the ashtray on the end table, they’re shredded all over the living and dining rooms.  Blacky is being such a good boy – staying right by Daddy’s side and not getting into any trouble.  He knows that something isn’t right and is very protective of Hubby.  Won’t let Luci anywhere near Hubby.  Which is fine with Luci because she can go play in the backyard without Daddy hollering at her for digging in the yard. 


I was glad to come to work today to get some peace and quiet. 



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2 responses to “You Want Some Cheese With That Whine?

  1. barnyardmama

    Too much togetherness can be a curse.  My Hub is the BIGGEST baby when he\’s sick.  Lots of love for that one.
    I think being sick in the summer must suck–you\’re already hot and now you feel sick?  Ick.

  2. Sue

    ALL men are big babys when they are sick.  It\’s a proven fact.  ALthough what you described is my hubby\’s normal behavior!  He told me once when I was angry and frustrated with him that he was sorry, but his as soon as he walks in the front door his arms are broken.  He ain\’s kidding.  Can\’t complain too much, just enough to get it out of my system.  The guy works ridiculous hours. 
    Hope you get some rest at work and hubby is feeling better!!
    : ) Sue

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