The Ford Tradition

The Dog Mobile is in the shop.  I was going out to the family dinner we were having at my Mom and Dad’s house for Father’s Day and the car did something weird.  The engine raced a little bit but the car slowed down.  Kind of like it didn’t want to go into gear.  I got scared and pulled the car off the side of the road.  Once I got to the side of the road, the car seemed fine so I sat there for a minute to get my composure and went on my way.  The car shifted rough, but it was running okay and (most importantly!) there were no lights or warning buzzers going off.  I thought it was just a fluke and didn’t think anything more of it.  When I got in the car to come back home, the dreaded "Check Engine" light came on . . . and stayed on.  Well s***.  Call Hubby (he didn’t come with me – that’s a blog for another day) to let him know what happened and he laughed at me.  First he asked if the car blew up when I started it.  When I answered no, then he laughed at me and said it was fine to drive it home.  It was probably a sensor or something and I would be fine.  When my Mom and my sisters heard the phone conversation, they decided that they would follow me home (I live about 20 minutes away) to make sure I got home safely.  My brother-in-law works in the parts department of a car dealership and is familiar with car stuff also told me that it was probably nothing and if it was something bad then the car would be acting up a lot worse than it did. 


I didn’t believe them.  My mom didn’t believe them.  My sisters didn’t believe them.  They followed me home.  The car got home okay.  Hubby laughed when he saw my Mom and my sisters in the car behind me.  But I felt better.


Took the car to the Ford dealership this morning.  They ran a diagnostic on it.  Something with the transmission.  Thankfully the car is still has 9,000 miles left on the original factory warranty.  And . . . there’s an extended warranty on the power train through Ford.  Apparently this was a common problem in the 2002 Focus Wagons and they extended the warranty on the 2003 Focus Wagons as a courtesy in case it happened again.  And . . . one of the previous owners bought extended warranty coverage that might cover a rental car while the Dog Mobile is in the shop.  Whoo hooo!!  I’ve loved this little car from day one, and now I love it even more.  Thank you previous owner!!  


I’m just waiting now to hear from the service guy if I get a rental car.  If not, I’m driving Hubby’s F-150 truck.  Hubby’s not happy about that.  I’m not too thrilled about it, either, but at least I get to try out Hubby’s new XM radio system.  Another bonus for me. 


I’ve had this car since the end of January and it’s already been in the shop twice.  It’s looking like I’m going to have some of the same issues with the Focus that I had with the Contour.  I owned the Contour for 8 years.  The first two or three years, I had at least three recall notices a year on it.  They replaced just about everything you could imagine.  The car never broke down, but since it was included in the recall group, everything got replaced.  Yes, I know, I probably shouldn’t have bought a Ford, but I thought that the 2003 Focus Wagons were better than the earlier models.  Guess it’s the Ford Tradition.    


As long as it’s covered under warranty, I’m a happy Ford owner.   



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3 responses to “The Ford Tradition

  1. Nikki

    It\’s things like this I\’m glad I don\’t have a car.  🙂  Well I do hope you get ur car rental….maybe the car rental has the XM radio system in it too.  I think one of the car rental companies has XM radio in all their cars.  Can\’t recall which one.  Well either way…good luck!  🙂

  2. Nadine

    I knew before I read it….tranny problems….and then when you said FORD…….That was the nail in the coffin! I have driven more FORDs than I care to admit….each one had Transmission troubles. EVERY one of the had the exact same tranny!!! Each a differnt model but ALL had the c4 Transmission! POS!!!!!! I now drive a Chevy!! And I hate to drive the Hubby\’s pickup!! It was good once but it is turnin\’ into a POS!!! And stories in that truck are well worth a blog!!

  3. Unknown

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