Oh, The Things I See

I confess that I am a people watcher.  It’s my favorite hobby.  I’ve been known to crash into someone or something (a brick wall) because I’m watching people and not watching where I’m going.  (Much to the delight of other people watchers who just watched me embarrass myself.)  I’m never disappointed – there’s always something interesting to see.  For example . . .


Today at lunch, I went to the park by the river.  I was sitting at one of the picnic tables enjoying my lunch when I saw a mommy playing in the fountain with her little kids.  The mommy was wearing a thong bathing suit.  Okay, a thong is wrong in so many ways, but when you can see hip bones and shoulder bones it’s obviously not a good look for you.


A little later there was creepy overweight shirtless guy with a pit bull. 


There was a nerdy guy with a fanny pack and Birkenstocks with socks. 


The cute shirtless runner in the tiny little running shorts. 


The lawyer with a tie and suit coat.  (The courthouse was in the other direction.) 


Lots of cute little kids playing in the fountain.  I’m noticing that most of these little kids are wearing some sort of little beach shoes when playing in the fountains.  Good thing,  because the concrete around the fountains is probably pretty hot on their little feet.  (I found that out last year when I went to dip a toe in the fountain and walked across the plaza barefoot.) 


Earlier this week, I saw a cute little boy about 2 years old walking down the street with his mommy and daddy.  Little Man was dressed very nicely.  Polo shirt, red plaid madras shorts, matching Nike Air shoes.  And on his left wrist was the cutest little Figaro bracelet I’ve ever seen.  Awwww.  Yes, Mommy and Daddy were dressed impeccably, too . . . Daddy had on Sean John jeans, and a Lakers jersey and a Figaro bracelet that matched Little Man’s.  Mommy was dressed in Tommy Hilfiger jeans and shirt.  Very snazzy looking little family. 


Yesterday I saw a young man in a white polo shirt with the collar flipped up like we used to do in the 80’s.  It was all I could do not to flip the collar down and tell the young man that it was a bad idea in the 80’s . . . and it’s not any better 20 years later!!! 


I could go on for hours . . . like I said, this is a favorite hobby of mine.  Now that it’s summer, I have oh so much to look at!! 



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4 responses to “Oh, The Things I See

  1. Beth

    It sounds like a perfect pastime to me.  I too, am a people watcher.  And who knows, you or I might find someone for "America\’s Most Wanted" TV show one day.  LOL
    I hope your wknd is nice.  It has been really hot here today.

  2. Nikki

    Yeah…..the 80\’s fashion is making a comeback!!!  Lol!!  I love watching people…..actually I love watching people\’s shoes….What can I say…..I\’m a shoe freak  🙂  Have a good weekend!

  3. Suzalita

    I agree with you  – people watching is a great pastime – I was in an airport this week – another great spot to watch all sorts of people…I did wish fora mute button though so I could shut off all the cell talkers blabbing about thier work….

  4. Nadine

    Roy and I like to do that. WE try to figure out what their story is or what car they drive. It can be fun…….I wonder what they are thinking about s???
     "Look at the old man, Is that his daughter or is that her sugar daddy?"

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