Weekend Update

I was home from work yesterday to recover from my whirlwind weekend trip.  Hubby and I went to a bowling tournament.  Yes, I know that I’ve said before that bowling tournaments are boring . . . and this trip turned out to be everything that I was dreading. 
Took off work on Friday to take the dogs to puppy camp and to get ready for the trip.  Hubby had to work until 4 p.m. so that gave me 9 hours to get stuff done.  Get the dogs to puppy camp (the kennel), clean the house (I’ll explain later), do the laundry and pack.  I managed to get it all done and have a little bit of time to spare. 
The clean my house thing is one of my obsessive-compulsive habits.  I can’t leave for a trip until I’ve cleaned my house.  Mop the floors, run the sweeper, dust . . . the whole shebang.  I have this irrational fear of something happening to me and/or hubby while we’re gone and what would my Mom’s reaction be if she came into my house and it was dirty?!  And there’s always the bonus of coming home to a clean house. 
Since gas is almost $3 a gallon here, we decided to drive down with another couple.  In my little dog mobile.  It gets good gas mileage (38 mpg on this trip!) and it’s comfortable enough for 4 adults and all our stuff.  Hubby and I have known the the couple we drove with for a long time and I do like them . . . but sometimes the guy gets on my nerves.  Especially when he’s had a touch too much to drink.  He was a tad tipsy on the drive down.  It was a 6 hour trip.  He talked the whole time.  Did I mention that it was a 6 hour trip?
The bowling tournament just happened to be in the town where my step-daughter (TS) and my three grandkids live.  TS and Hubby haven’t been on speaking terms for 3 months.  Hubby and I debated for a long time whether we were going to let TS and the kids know we were coming.  As of the time we left the house, we were undecided.  MR – TS’s son – called on Hubby’s cell phone while we were on the road and asked to see us when we got to their town.  We had told them earlier in the year (when Hubby and TS were still speaking) that we were coming in June and they remembered it.  Anyway, Hubby and I knew that to see MR and his sisters (KL & KR), we would have to see TS.  More stress for me.  
The bowling tournament was poorly organized and Saturday’s events were completely messed up and took twice as long as it normally does.  We are normally at the bowling alley for 3 hours, but this time we were there for 5-1/2 hours.  During that time TS brought the kids to the bowling alley to see me and Hubby.  Luckily, there were no fireworks between Hubby and TS.  They agreed to disagree about things and hugged and made up.  The good part about being at the bowling alley for over 5 hours was that I got to spend time with TS and the kids.  That was nice.  We even took them to dinner with us Saturday night.   
Hubby’s ex-wife also lives in the little town that we were at for the bowling tournament.  During the time that TS and Hubby were not speaking, Ex would call me to give me updates on TS and the kids.  When Ex heard that TS and Hubby had patched things up, she got upset with TS, Hubby, and me.  Ex and Hubby have been divorced over 20 years and we’ve tried everything to at least be civil to her but nothing seems to work.  Long story short, Ex is happiest TS and Hubby are fighting because she can look like the good guy and she can say what a horrible father Hubby has been "all these years".  Angry phone call from Ex = more stress for me.  Stress for me because I can’t believe that I fell for the same stuff again.  You’d think that after 24 years of dealing with this woman that I’d know better.  Nooooo, I fall for it hook, line, and sinker every single time.  But the bright spot in that is that I probably won’t hear from Ex again for a couple of years.  
One of the other bowlers on Hubby’s team thinks he’s a big time professional bowler.  Takes the game WAY too seriously and gets upset if he doesn’t bowl great every game.  He was upset with the lanes, with the bowling ball, with the tournament director . . . you name ’em and it was causing him a problem.  Makes for a very long day. 
Luckily the Sunday events were better organized.  We started on time, they finished on time, and we were on the road by 12:30.  Trip home was relatively uneventful.  Stopped for lunch at our favorite truck stop.  Yes, the food is worth the stop.  Got home before dark.  Glad to be home.  But the house was way too quiet . . . dogs were still at the kennel and they wouldn’t be home until some time Monday afternoon. 
Hubby went to bed early and I spent some quality time on the couch with the kitty.  She couldn’t believe her luck that the dogs weren’t there . . . and I don’t think she believes me that they were coming home.
The final bright spot of the trip . . . no more bowling tournaments until 2007. 

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One response to “Weekend Update

  1. katie

    It\’s good that your husband and TS made up, but everything else sounds like such a pain!! That car ride down sounds like the worst part, did you just want to pull over and force him out of the car? LOL…  I hope the rest of the week goes a lot better for you!!Katie

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