Bunch of Nothing

I survived 6-6-06.  Didn’t really spend the day under my desk, but seriously thought about it.  I really expected something strange or bad to happen and was pleasantly surprised when it didn’t.  Kind of like all the hoopla around Y2K . . . all worried that something was going to go "boom" and then very happy when it didn’t.  


Hubby’s shingles are getting better.  Or, at least, the meds are working.  He still has some pain, but not as bad as it was and he’s able to sleep at night.  Great relief to him.  Not so much for me because the pain meds make him snore more than usual.  But then he says I snore, too, so I guess that makes us even.


My cold/allergy thing is some better.  I don’t have the coughing fits too often.  Usually when I laugh or first thing in the morning or when I go to bed at night.  Still drinking a bunch of water and eating way too many cough drops.  Don’t see the need for the cough syrup if the cough drops will help. 


Saw something today on my walk from the parking garage to the office that made me think . . . there was a "Student Driver" sign on the city bus that drove past me.  For some reason, the thought of a student driver on a city transit bus scares the crap out of me.  


Took Luci for a walk last night after a rainstorm that went through the area.  It was funny to watch her check out the storm drains and the puddles in the sidewalk.  The sound of the water going into the storm drain spooked her a little bit, but that didn’t stop her from sniffing it to see what it was.  Yes, she wanted to play in every puddle that she saw.  She’s very charming when we’re out walking.  She’ll sit calmly and look oh so pretty when we stop to talk to the neighbors.  They comment on what a pretty and well-behaved dog she is.  I try not to laugh . . . the minute we get home and I take off the leash, she’s leaping around the yard like a little ballerina and running after Blacky.  I don’t take Blacky on the walks because of Blacky’s arthritis.  The vet has recommended that I don’t force exercise on Blacky – let him do what he’s comfortable doing.  If he went walking with me and Luci, he’d try his best to keep up and end up stiff and sore the next day because of it.


I’m taking Friday and Monday off so I’m trying to get stuff cleaned up so I can leave the office with a clean desk . . . and a clean conscience.  So far, so good.  But I’ve still got 5 hours until the end of the day!!



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3 responses to “Bunch of Nothing

  1. Alicia

    I survived too…although I expected a bombing or something!!  Hope you have a GREAT extended weekend!!  🙂

  2. Beth

    My sister had shingles and I remember how painful she said it was.  I hope your hubby is recovering. 
    I finished over 2 weeks of antibiotics.  I do feel a lot better but I just seem to be so tired.  I hope you are fully recovered soon.  Enjoy your extended wknd.  You have certainly earned it.
    I looked at all of your photo albums. They were great.

  3. Kadrin

    I could sooo relate to yer last couple blogs. Goldie reincarnated. I too notice some similarities between my past kitty Angel and my current one Tige. They look nothing alike but Angel had special characteristics that Tige is now showing. I too have deemed it as a little bit of Angel came back to me in Tige : )
    The proudly growing gray dilema too. I was gonna show my wrinkles and gray hair proudly til i had a good look in a flourescent lighted room and was aghast at how awful I looked. Got my first highlights last year at age 43. I turn 45 this year and I plan to get them again : ) lol, have a great weekend, hugs Kat

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