Goldie Reincarnated

Goldie was my first lab baby.  She came into my life when she was two and stayed for 12 years.  I lost her in October . . . two weeks later, we adopted Luci.  There have been plenty of times the last over the last 7 months that I’ve seriously thought that Luci was Goldie reincarnated.  Hubby is trying to tell me that it’s because they are both labs.  Because I’m a doggie mommy, I know better. 
Goldie was a nail biter.  I rarely had to take her to the groomers to have her nails clipped because she always chewed on her toe nails.  Luci has recently started chewing her nails . . . even though we get them clipped every 8 weeks. 
Goldie was always in the kitchen when I was cooking.  She would wait patiently for Mommy to spill or drop or share something.  I’m not the neatest cook, so it was a sure bet that she would find something on the floor.  Goldie loved hard boiled eggs and could recognize the sound of me cracking a hard boiled egg when I was making something with them.  Luci is also in the kitchen with me when I’m cooking.  Goldie was usually in front of the microwave and would get stepped on at least once during the evening, but Luci stays under the table.  Less chance of me stepping on her.  Oh, yea, and Luci has learned to recognize the sound of me cracking a hard boiled egg, too.
Goldie also had a very bad habit of eating poo.  Her poo, Blacky’s poo, rabbit poo, bird poo . . . didn’t matter where it came from, she would eat it.  I tried everything that anyone would suggest to get her to stop.  Until the day she died, she ate poo.  Unfortunately, Luci started out following in Goldie’s footsteps, but she would only eat Blacky’s poo.  Don’t know why.  Again, tried everything I could think of but I couldn’t get her to stop.  Until I switched her from puppy chow to the same dry food that Blacky was eating.  Been about a month on the adult food and so far she’s given up the habit of poo eating.  
Goldie was what you would call a power chewer.  She would chew on a stuffed toy until she broke the squeeker and had chewed a hole in the toy to take out the squeeker.  Goldie’s record for a new toy was 5 minutes.  She broke the squeeker and had it out of the toy in 5 minutes once.  Yep, Luci’s doing the same thing.  She hasn’t learned how to break the squeeker, but she’s very good at chewing a hole in the toy and pulling out the stuffing.  Since she usually chews off the top of the animal’s head, we’ve started calling her "The Brain Eater."
There are a dozen things that Luci does on a daily basis that reminds me of Goldie.  There are times when I’ve actually called Luci by Goldie’s name.  If Luci was a yellow lab, I’d be 100% sure.  Could be like Hubby says and it’s a lab thing.  But I think maybe it’s Goldie’s way of taking care of her mommy. 

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