It Never Fails . . .

That the person driving through the grocery store parking lot with no clue of where they are going and oblivious to the fact that other people are trying to get into a parking space is on their cell phone . . . and then they give you a dirty look when you honk your horn at them to get their attention so they don’t crash into you.  What is wrong with these people?  Are they so self-centered that they think everyone is going to magically get out of their way because they are in a car and on the phone.  It seems like I’m always screaming at someone to "hang up and drive!"


That the dogs will misbehave when I’m trying to get them to go potty before I leave for work in the morning.  Luci decided to take off with my floor scrubbing sponge this morning . . . after I was all dressed and ready for work.  I don’t have any idea how she got ahold of the sponge.  I’m sure I put it somewhere she couldn’t see/reach it.  Is she growing overnight?!  I had to spend 10 minutes chasing her through the yard to get her to drop the sponge.  (I’m not completely trained yet  . . . )  Then I had to spend another 5 minutes convincing Blacky that he wasn’t in trouble and that he needed to go outside to potty before I left for work.  By the time I left the house for work this morning, my hair had lost it’s curl and I was not in a good mood. 


That the idiot that comes up behind you from out of nowhere when you are passing someone on the highway gets pissed off that you aren’t moving as fast as he is and you don’t get out of his way fast enough after you’ve passed the car in the other lane.  Oh, and then they get all upset when you "tell them they’re #1" as they zip past you. 


That the blog that you look forward to reading every day suddenly goes private or they announce they are no going to blog anymore.  This has happened to me several times over the last couple of weeks.  Oh, man . . . I hate when that happens.  At least give some warning or an explanation about what the heck is going on.  Don’t just disappear off the face of the earth.  


That the most interesting sounding blog that’s listed as a "favorite" by another blogger is also either private or doesn’t exist anymore. 


That a TV show that I watch faithfully and think is really cool will get cancelled after the first year . . . or they show only a few episodes and the show is put in the TV holding zone never to be seen again.  Crumbs, Courting Alex, and Commander In Chief are the most recent casualties . . . .but this happens in my life more often than I care to think about. 


That the presentation that the boss has to give for a big meeting will need to be copied and collated into three ring binders (with tabbed dividers) before he leaves for the meeting in less than two hours.  Add a trip to the office supply store because I don’t have six 1-1/2" binders or numbered tabbed dividers in the office.  This has happened at every job I’ve ever had.


And finally, it never fails that if it’s been raining all morning . . . it will rain even harder the minute I leave the office for lunch.  



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2 responses to “It Never Fails . . .

  1. Alicia

    Hi Pam!
    I noticed you left a comment on one of my photos and thought I should come check you out.  A friend on the Mominator is a friend of mine!!  🙂
    I like your site and LMFAO @ this entry.  You sound an AWFUL lot like me!!  I am ALWAYS screaming  at people to hang up the FING phone and DRIVE!!  I have some hefty road rage sometimes…and the things you mentioned in this entry topped my lsit!!
    May I ask who went private or fell off the face of the earth?  I wonder if they are mutual friends…
    Well, take care and I will be back if that\’s OK?  🙂

  2. Nadine

      This woman came into the clinic  she had a broken arm….she got it walking across Wal mart parking lot and some jerk hit her with his car…..then he drove off!!!!!!!!
     and why does some one "go Private" and not tell you………I feel like I did something wrong!! I mean really!! You can look at mine But I can\’t see yours!!??! I don\’t get it! I think I would personally go to each one of the folks that read mine and inform them that I was going private or shutting down. And then leave a message for all the other that read and don\’t leave comments…… seems like the neighborly thing to do.
    Just between you and me…if I ever stop blogging…I AM DEAD!

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