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Summer TV

With summer comes the wonderful "second season" of TV shows.  The regular shows are either on hiatus or in re-runs and that gives me lots of free time to watch these wonderful shows. If I’m not outside with the doggies or doing something else, I’m in front of the TV watching one of these shows. 


Hell’s Kitchen – yes, I know that Gordon Ramsey is a rude jerk, but that’s what makes the show so interesting.  How much are these people willing to take in order to win their own restaurant.  And just what makes some of these people think they can run a restaurant?


Bridezilla – ohmygawrsh.  This show is like a train wreck.  I know it’s awful, but I can’t seem to stop watching it.  I know that every little girl dreams of a big church wedding, but these women take it to a whole different level.  If the wedding costs more you’re your first house, you probably need to re-think your priorities.  The one thing that constantly amazes me is that the guys put up with whatever the bride dishes out without any complaint.  Oh, yea, and I also wonder if the brides calm down after the wedding. 


Dirty Jobs with Mark Rowe – Wow, whatever these people get paid – it’s not enough.  I feel most sorry for the poor cameraman that’s filming this show.  This poor guy has done every horrible job that you can imagine.  And does it with a great sense of humor.  It’s on the Discovery Channel on Tuesdays at 9 p.m.  I highly suggest you watch it at least once.  Will make you realize that maybe your job isn’t all THAT bad. 


Big Brother – I skipped Season 1 because I thought it was a dumb show.  One of the girls at work got me to watch Season 2 and I’ve been hooked ever since.  I can’t wait for the new season to start in early July.  I haven’t gone as far as signing up for the full access thing on the website, but I NEVER miss an episode.  This show makes me holler at the TV – a lot.  And I throw stuffed dog toys.  Blacky always leaves the room when I’m watching this show.  This will be Luci’s first exposure . . . I wonder how she’s going to react?


So You Think You Can Dance?  Hubby started me on this one.  He watches it faithfully.  I started watching it for the same reason I watch American Idol.  The auditions are hilarious.  Then they pick the finalists and you get to see how these young dancers adapt to different dance styles and learn how to be a professional dancer.  At least that’s why I watch it.  I think Hubby watches it for the girls in skimpy costumes.    


America’s Got Talent – Reminds me an awful lot of The Gong Show.  I loved The Gong Show – mainly because most of the people were so very untalented.  But then there would be someone that was just so talented that they blew your socks off.  And you wonder whatever became of those people.  That’s the same reason I like watching America’s Got Talent . . . that and to see how badly David Hasselhoff has aged. 


Believe it or not, I actually wait all year for a couple of these shows and make a point of being home and in front of the TV so I don’t miss anything.  Yes, sometimes my life is just that sad . . .

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More People Watching

It’s another beautiful week here in South Central Ohio.  All the beautiful weather means that I get to go to the park by the river every day for lunch.  Here’s a list of some of the interesting people that I’ve seen so far this week. 


Guy with a tattoo on his ear.  Just on his right ear.  The entire ear was covered by a tattoo.  I didn’t see any other tattoos on this guy.  Just the one on his ear. 


Couple holding hands strolling through the park by the River . . . each listening to their own Ipod.  Maybe I’m missing something, but that doesn’t seem very romantic to me.  Walking through the park, holding hands, each listening to their own music. 


Daycare class on field trip to play in the fountains.  If you are a day care provider and you’re going to feed the kids lunch, shouldn’t you know if they have food allergies?  There was one kid who told the teacher he couldn’t eat his sandwich because he was allergic to eggs.  They were trying to feed him a sandwich with mayonnaise and a hard boiled egg. 


Little guy – not more than 2 years old – wearing orange surfer shorts to play in the fountain.  The shorts were so long on this little guy that they almost looked like pants. 


Different little guy – this one about 6 or 7 years old – who brought his swimming goggles with him.  Told his mommy that it was so he could run through the fountains without the water getting into his eyes.  Smart kid! 


I’ve noticed that every day at least one little boy will stand so that the fountains hit him in the rear end.  It’s always a little boy.  I’ve never noticed a girl doing this. 


Guy in the gold velour sweat pants.  I walk past him every day on my way in to the office.  Seriously.  Every day.  Wearing the same gold velour sweat pants.  Have I mentioned that it’s summer in Ohio?  Gold velour sweat pants.  In Ohio.  In the summer.  


Is it any wonder I love summer?


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I’ve Got Nothing . . .

I have lots of little things running around in my brain that don’t make a whole blog by themselves.  But pieced together they might make a very interesting read for a Tuesday.



Item #1 – Snakes On A Plane – I’ve been hearing about this movie for months and I can’t wait to see it.  There haven’t been too many movies this summer that I’ve been excited to see, but this one is different somehow.  I don’t really know how to explain it.  It has a simple plot – a U.S. Marshal  is accompanying a key witness to Hawaii. An assassin releases a crate of 400 snakes on a commercial flight in order to get rid of the witness. The marshal, the pilot, the crew and passengers must rally against the snakes.  Samuel L. Jackson plays the U.S. Marshal.  I love Samuel L. Jackson.  This sounds like the perfect summer movie.  It’s a low budget thing that’s been getting lots of internet buzz.  It sounds like one of those hokey Sci-Fi channel movies that Hubby likes to watch.  You know the one, the farmer accidentally sprays too much bug spray and the ants grow into monsters and take over the town.  Sounds like a perfect way to waste an afternoon.  I can’t wait!


#2 – Late Night Trip to Kroger’s – Last night after I finished the dishes and spent 45 minutes on hold with DirecTV to figure out what was going on with the receiver in the living room, I realized that I didn’t have any bananas for breakfast in the morning.  Hubby and I eat a banana for breakfast in the morning.  Something about potassium and healthy eating.  I don’t remember the real reason why.  I only buy a few at a time so they don’t go bad before we eat them all.  I took the last one for my breakfast yesterday and I knew that I’d have to get more.  I just got busy with my domestic goddess stuff – and walking the dogs – that I forgot about it until about 10 p.m. last night.  If it weren’t for the fact that Hubby shares his banana with the dogs every morning, I probably would have just said "too bad" and done without the bananas.  But the dogs don’t understand when their routines are upset and they look at me like "Hey, Lady, get with the program.  Don’t you know that you’re supposed to feed me something now?"  The only time that Luci and Blacky agree on anything is when food is involved.  Drove to Kroger’s, got the bananas, got in the checkout line.  The clerk gave me a funny look because I’m going through her line at 10 p.m. with just bananas.  I told her that the kids would be upset if they didn’t have their bananas for breakfast in the morning.  She seemed to understand . . . but I wonder if she would have understood if I told her the "kids" are my doggies?


Item #3 – Share and Share Alike – Hubby is on a Monday night Dart League.  Turns out that all the guys on the dart team came down with the same sudden mysterious cold that Hubby had last week.  The guys think that there was something in the air at the bar they were at last week – or the fact that they had the AC turned up too high and it was freezing.  They are on a traveling dart league and are hoping they don’t have to go back to that particular bar again soon.  BTW – Hubby is feeling better.  He’s not as whiney today and there weren’t any shredded Kleenex when I got up this morning.  Things are looking up and we might actually survive his summer cold.


That’s all I’ve got for today. . . .


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Not My Brightest Idea

I’ve been working with Luci to reinforce her obedience training.  Working on the different commands – sit, stay, come when called, heel – to make sure she hasn’t forgotten what she learned in puppy class.  We’ve been working on this for about three weeks and she’s doing very well when she’s on the leash.  
I normally take her out through the backyard for her training sessions.  This way, Blacky doesn’t see us leave and isn’t upset that he isn’t invited along.  Blacky has hip dysplasia and arthritis and I’m not supposed to force him to exercise.  That means that nightly walks on a leash are not a good idea for him.  He’ll do whatever I ask of him without complaint, but the next day he’ll be stiff and sore and it will take him a day or so to recover from the exercise.  I’m supposed to let him do what he wants when he wants – like chase Luci in the back yard, play fetch for a little bit, chase the bunnies that hide under the shed.   But no formalized exercise program for him. 
Tonight I went to take Luci for her training session and somehow Blacky figured out what was going on and wanted to go with us.  He looked so sad when he realized that I was taking Luci and not him that I just had to take them both.  After the fiasco that happened when I took them to the kennel a couple of weeks ago, I thought it might be time for me to start taking both of them for short walks.  They are both big dogs and I have to be able to handle both of them together by myself.  A quick trip around the block couldn’t be that bad.  Famous last words. 
Luci was so excited that Blacky was with us that all her training went right out of her head.  She was trying to chew on Blacky’s ears, she was wandering around sniffing stuff.  Just generally not behaving at all.  Blacky was annoyed that Luci was chewing on his ears and getting in his way that he pulled ahead of me as far as his leash would go.  I spent the entire trip saying "Luci, heel" "Blacky, heel" "Blacky, stop" "Luci, catch up"  I finally gave up talking to them and just tugged on the leashes to get their attention.  I felt like I was driving a team of horses.  My left hand – which had Luci’s leash – is pretty sore right now.  I bet my arms are going to be sore in the morning. 
The whole trip lasted about 15 minutes – just one trip around our block.  By the end of the trip, they started to act like they were getting the idea of what I wanted.  Isn’t that always the way – the kids start to behave as soon as you get close to home? 
It might not have been my brightest idea, but I got the results I wanted.  They’re both asleep in the living room.  I might have to try this again.   


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You Want Some Cheese With That Whine?

In case you’re wondering, the weatherman was right.  Shock, shock!  Weather wise, it was a beautiful weekend in South Central Ohio.  Temps in the upper 70’s.  Very little humidity.  Lots of sun.  Nice breezes.  Great weather to be outside . . . and away from the sick whiney person that looks an awful lot like my Hubby. 


Hubby is slowly getting over whatever the heck he caught last week.  This was his Saturday off and Monday is his normal day off, so he’s been coughing and sniffling around the house for the past three days.  Before I start on my rant, I want to say that I am concerned about Hubby’s health because this thing came totally out of nowhere.  Went to bed Tuesday night and he was fine.  Woke up Wednesday morning and he was stuffed up and feeling yucky.  He doesn’t have a fever or chills.  The cough he has sounds fairly productive (yes, I know that sounds gross.  Listening to it is way grosser.)  I know that it’s probably just a cold and we have to wait it out, and if he starts with the fever and chills thing then we have to get medical help.  This happened to me once and it ended up being bronchitis.  I know it’s not fun to be this sick during the summer and I’m trying to be sympathetic and understanding.  I know this is serious because he didn’t go fishing this weekend.  There isn’t much that will keep Hubby from fishing during the summer months. 


Now for the rant part . . . he is seriously making me crazy.  I heard once that a husband is the only child that doesn’t grow up and move away and thought it was funny.  Now I see that it’s completely true.  And not funny.  He’s not hungry – but he keeps asking when I’m fixing breakfast, lunch, or supper.  He doesn’t feel like doing anything, but he’s not the type of guy to sit still for very long.  He isn’t really doing anything – just wandering around the house watching me do whatever I’m doing.  Or he’s looking out the front door saying that he should probably do something but he just doesn’t feel like doing anything.  He was looking for something on the computer and was extremely grumpy when he couldn’t find the answers he was looking for.  He was watching TV and making comments about all the different shows as he was channel surfing.  He seems to have forgotten where the trash can is.  I’m finding tissues, candy wrappers, empty water bottles or Diet Coke cans, and toothpicks all over the house.  Actually, Luci’s been finding the tissues for me . . . . ewwwww.  If they’re not stacked in the ashtray on the end table, they’re shredded all over the living and dining rooms.  Blacky is being such a good boy – staying right by Daddy’s side and not getting into any trouble.  He knows that something isn’t right and is very protective of Hubby.  Won’t let Luci anywhere near Hubby.  Which is fine with Luci because she can go play in the backyard without Daddy hollering at her for digging in the yard. 


I was glad to come to work today to get some peace and quiet. 


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Good Ol’ Summertime

Wednesday was the first day of summer . . . and it really hit the ground running.  The last two days it was about 90 degrees here and with the humidity it felt like it’ was about 100.  That usually means thunderstorms in the afternoon/evening – and we sure got them the last couple of days.  It was 74 degrees when I got up Thursday morning at 5:30 a.m.  This is the kind of weather that we usually get in July or August.  If we’re getting it now, what are we going to get then? 


Since it’s been so warm, I’ve had to cut back on Luci’s exercise every night.  I still take her for a walk, but it’s a shorter walk than normal.  She’s learned the long route and looks at me funny when I tell her we aren’t going that way tonight.  She’s still got a bunch of energy when we get back home so we have to play fetch in the yard to wear her out.  I’m afraid to take her for a long walk when it’s so hot.  What if she collapses and I have to carry all 76 lbs. of her back home?  Then I’d collapse!  


I’ve even had to use the AC in my car (Yes, I got the Dog Mobile back on Wednesday!)  I don’t normally use the AC because it sucks up too much gas . . . with gas close to $3.00 a gallon here, I’d rather roll down the windows.  But you can’t do that when it’s raining cats and dogs the whole drive home.  


Just in time for the wonderful summer weather – poor Hubby has a horrible cold.  Remember the cold I got about a month ago where I got one symptom a day?  Hubby got all the symptoms overnight.  He went to bed feeling okay and woke up Thursday morning sounding like Froggy from Little Rascals (you do know Froggy from Little Rascals, don’t you?)  He stayed home from work yesterday because he just felt so bad . . . and because he didn’t want to spread his germs around his co-workers or customers.  Luci was thrilled that Daddy was home with her all day yesterday.  Normally when Daddy is home, he and Luci spend the day outside doing stuff.  Then she realized that Daddy being sick meant that he was going to sleep on the couch all day and he expected her to stay in the house with him.  Good luck trying that with a 9 month old puppy!  Hubby learned what it’s like to get up every 10 minutes to let the dog out and then let her back in 10 minute later.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen that little dog so happy to see me come home from work. 


Blacky is the complete opposite.  He was very happy to spend the day laying on the floor in front of the couch keeping Daddy company while he channel surfed.  Blacky has always been very good at keeping someone company when they don’t feel well.  He just seems to understand that you don’t feel good and that he needs to just lay there quietly with you.  It might have something to do with the fact that Hubby likes to snack when he doesn’t feel good and is very generous with sharing the snacks with the doggies.  


The weather has cooled off some since we got a big rainstorm last night.  It’s supposed to be partly cloudy with temps in the high 70’s and much lower humidity.  The weatherman this morning called it perfect weather for the first weekend of summer.  


But it’s summertime in Ohio . . . we’ll have to see if they’re right. 


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Wednesday Stuff

Thanks to Velvet Tush, I now have two very old Hee-Haw songs stuck in my head.  It’s not pretty.  I’m walking around the office with both of them playing one after the other.  Remember the "If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all" and the "searched the world over and thought I found true love" songs.  That’s what’s playing in my head . . . . (and now they’re probably stuck in yours!)


I’m still driving Hubby’s truck.  The Dog Mobile has a transmission problem.  Nothing serious enough for a recall, but happens often enough that they have a special service bulletin out on the issue.  The rental car thing didn’t work out because the special extended warranty the previous owner bought isn’t automatically transferred to a new owner when the car is sold.  The service manager was going to give me a free loaner, but the dealership didn’t have any loaners available.  That’s okay.  I’m more concerned about the car getting fixed and back to me.  Even the XM radio isn’t enough to make me feel better about driving Hubby’s truck.  I’m always afraid that something is going to happen to it while I’m the one driving.  I’d never hear the end of that.  The good thing is that the guys at the parking garage always park the truck for me since I’m afraid that I’m going to crash into another car – or a support beam. 


Had to order Blacky’s "firecreacker" meds today.  They’re sedatives that knock him out so that he doesn’t hear or care about the firecrackers.  He’s a very nervous dog and doesn’t like storms or loud noises.  The 4th of July just makes him crazy.  He pants and paces and drools.  He’ll stick very close to either me or Hubby.  We got some sedatives for him a couple of years ago and they really helped.  He slept through the fireworks, but the next day he was kind of dopey and Hubby had a real problem with that.  Blacky is Hubby’s "big guy" so Hubby really fusses over him.  We still give him the meds, just not as strong a dose.  Blacky isn’t completely knocked out but doesn’t really care about the noise and he’s not as dopey the next day.   


I was reminded of a very important lesson last night.  Dogs are very schedule oriented.  I’ve been taking Luci for a walk at about 8:30 every night for the last couple of weeks.  Last night I didn’t take her for her walk because I went to visit my folks.  (Every other Tuesday we all gather at Mom & Dad’s house to visit for a few hours in the evening.)  I got home about 9:30 and Luci was ready to go the minute I hit the door.  Unfortunately, it’s dark at 9:30 at night and I told her we weren’t going, but that I would play fetch with her in the back yard.  She liked that idea, but all night long she kept looking at me like "okay, mom, when are we leaving?"  She didn’t want to settle down and go to bed.  She wanted to play with Blacky once we did go to bed.  I finally had to threaten her with spending the night in her crate to get her to settle down and go to sleep.  She settled onto her little doggie bed and gave the most pitiful little sigh I’ve ever heard.  I figured that she’d be up every two hours bugging me to go out, but she slept through the night and didn’t get up until my alarm went off at 5:30 p.m.  She behaved herself this morning – came when I called her and everything.  So I promised her that I would go walking with her tonight before I started supper and then again after supper.  It’s kind of selfish on my part.  I’m hoping to wear her our so that I don’t have a repeat of the fit of energy she had at bedtime last night.


Now I’m off for my favorite part of the day.  Lunch at the river.  I can’t wait to see what everyone is wearing as they splash in the fountains.


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Pretend I’m Famous

One of my favorite shows on TV is "Inside the Actor’s Studio" with James Lipton.  I am hopelessly addicted to this show and watch it every chance I get.  I even watch the re-runs.  Hubby thinks I’m crazy, but he’ll sit and watch an episode with me every now and again.  It’s very interesting and I think the actors are so excited to be on the show that they give a good glimpse into what they are really like as a person.  My favorite part of the show is the survey at the end.  I’ve always wanted to give my answers to those questions . . . .


1.) What’s your favorite word?  Yes

2.) What’s your least favorite word?  No

3.) What Sound or noise do you love?  The sound of my hubby and/or the dogs snoring

4.) What sound or noise do you hate?  Nails on a chalkboard

5.) What’s your favorite swear (cuss) word?  S**t . . . or if I’m really upset s**td**nh**lf**k

6.) What turns you on?  Honesty

7.) What turns you off?  Ignorance and stupidity

8.) What occupation would you like to attempt (other than your own)?  writer

9.) What occupation would you not want to attempt?  Nurse or a surgeon

10.) Finally, if Heaven exists, what would you like to hear them say as they open the gates?   (What do they mean "if" Heaven exists?!).  I  want St. Peter to say "Well done good and faithful servant."


Now you know how the interview will end if I’m ever famous enough to get invited to appear on "Inside The Actor’s Studio."


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The Ford Tradition

The Dog Mobile is in the shop.  I was going out to the family dinner we were having at my Mom and Dad’s house for Father’s Day and the car did something weird.  The engine raced a little bit but the car slowed down.  Kind of like it didn’t want to go into gear.  I got scared and pulled the car off the side of the road.  Once I got to the side of the road, the car seemed fine so I sat there for a minute to get my composure and went on my way.  The car shifted rough, but it was running okay and (most importantly!) there were no lights or warning buzzers going off.  I thought it was just a fluke and didn’t think anything more of it.  When I got in the car to come back home, the dreaded "Check Engine" light came on . . . and stayed on.  Well s***.  Call Hubby (he didn’t come with me – that’s a blog for another day) to let him know what happened and he laughed at me.  First he asked if the car blew up when I started it.  When I answered no, then he laughed at me and said it was fine to drive it home.  It was probably a sensor or something and I would be fine.  When my Mom and my sisters heard the phone conversation, they decided that they would follow me home (I live about 20 minutes away) to make sure I got home safely.  My brother-in-law works in the parts department of a car dealership and is familiar with car stuff also told me that it was probably nothing and if it was something bad then the car would be acting up a lot worse than it did. 


I didn’t believe them.  My mom didn’t believe them.  My sisters didn’t believe them.  They followed me home.  The car got home okay.  Hubby laughed when he saw my Mom and my sisters in the car behind me.  But I felt better.


Took the car to the Ford dealership this morning.  They ran a diagnostic on it.  Something with the transmission.  Thankfully the car is still has 9,000 miles left on the original factory warranty.  And . . . there’s an extended warranty on the power train through Ford.  Apparently this was a common problem in the 2002 Focus Wagons and they extended the warranty on the 2003 Focus Wagons as a courtesy in case it happened again.  And . . . one of the previous owners bought extended warranty coverage that might cover a rental car while the Dog Mobile is in the shop.  Whoo hooo!!  I’ve loved this little car from day one, and now I love it even more.  Thank you previous owner!!  


I’m just waiting now to hear from the service guy if I get a rental car.  If not, I’m driving Hubby’s F-150 truck.  Hubby’s not happy about that.  I’m not too thrilled about it, either, but at least I get to try out Hubby’s new XM radio system.  Another bonus for me. 


I’ve had this car since the end of January and it’s already been in the shop twice.  It’s looking like I’m going to have some of the same issues with the Focus that I had with the Contour.  I owned the Contour for 8 years.  The first two or three years, I had at least three recall notices a year on it.  They replaced just about everything you could imagine.  The car never broke down, but since it was included in the recall group, everything got replaced.  Yes, I know, I probably shouldn’t have bought a Ford, but I thought that the 2003 Focus Wagons were better than the earlier models.  Guess it’s the Ford Tradition.    


As long as it’s covered under warranty, I’m a happy Ford owner.   


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Pool Party

Please indulge me while I tell yet another cute doggie story. 
It’s very warm here today.  The warmest day of the spring/almost summer season.  The high was close to 90 degrees.  When it gets this hot, I always get out the baby pool for Blacky and Luci.  Being black hairy doggies, they love playing with the hose and splashing in the water.  They also like to get really close to Mommy and shake like the dickens.
All I have to do is say the word "pool" and they run for the door.  Once we are outside, they run either to where the pool is stored or to the hose.  Smart dogs!!  I get the pool out of the storage space, put the nozzle on the hose, put it in the pool, and turn on the faucet.  They have a blast.  I figure it’s going to take a few minutes for the pool to fill up, so I go in the house to get my magazine and a can of Coke.  I’m gone less than 2 minutes.  I walk outside and Blacky has the hose in his mouth and is pointing it at Luci.  Both of them seem to be having big fun . . . and I’m noticing a huge mud puddle in the yard.  Trying not to laugh, I take the hose from Blacky and put it back in the pool.  They both get back in the pool and bat the nozzle around a bit.  When there is finally enough water in the pool, I turn off the hose and they take turns laying in the water.  There’s probably about 3 inches of water in the pool.  Just enough to cover Blacky’s legs when he lays down. 
They’re having a good time.  I’m reading my magazine and drinking my Coke.  I see Luci run down the yard to get her tennis ball.  Blacky is laying in the pool.  I see Luci run up the yard to the pool – at full force.  She does a belly flop into the pool.  And lands on Blacky.  Blacky yelps and I run to make sure neither dog is hurt.  Both are fine.  Blacky gets out of the pool and decides he’s had enough – he wants to go in.  Luci realizes that she’s just gotten the pool to herself.  I dry off Blacky and Luci watches from the pool.
While Blacky is in the house enjoying the AC – and the peace and quiet away from Luci – I’m in the back yard with Luci.  She’s decided she wants to play fetch.  I throw the ball, she gets the ball, she runs into the pool and waits for me to throw another ball.  This goes on for three or four runs up and down the yard.  On the last run up the yard, Luci gets in the pool.  She turns to look at me.  She squats and pees in the pool.  Luci, NOOOOOO!!!  Ewwww.  So much for today’s pool party!!  I dump the water out of the pool and put it away.  I’ll have to scrub it later. 
We continue playing in the back yard until Luci gets dried off.  (She doesn’t sit still very well for towel drying.)  When she goes in the house, she lays in front of the AC register in the kitchen.  I find Blacky laying on the AC register in the dining room.  Do you think that they might be just a bit spoiled? 
Yes, I laughed quite a bit about today’s pool party events.  I just love summer!!


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