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Officially Summer

Okay, even though summer doesn’t "officially" start until June . . . I’m declaring that it’s officially summer now.  The hot dog stand close to the office openend over the weekend.  They have the most wonderful soft serve ice cream . . . and I had my first ice cream cone of the summer yesterday.  I can finish off a cone on my walk from the hot dog stand back to the office after lunch.  The hot dog stand is close to the river and there is a nice little area with picnic tables and a little fountain that the kids play in.  Sometimes the adults play in the fountain too, but that’s another blog all by itself.  I take my lunch and go there to people watch . . . .and splash my toes in the fountain if it’s not too crowded. 
It’s been sunny and close to 90 degrees every day now for a while.  With the heat and humidity comes the chance for scattered evening showers.  We got one of those scattered evening showers last night.  At the house.  While I was cooking hamburgers on the grill.  I can now honestly say that I’ve been grilling in a thunderstorm.  I spent most of the time in the mudroom watching the rain bounce off the grill, but there were moments when I was out by the grill with the jumbo hamburger flipper that I was worried that Hubby would have to explain to everyone why I was grilling during a thunderstorm . . .
As bad as I’ve felt the last week or so with my cold/allergy problem, I have to admit that Hubby has just trumped me in the feeling bad department.  He’s had a pain in his left side for the last couple of weeks that we thought was a pulled muscle.  It’s not getting better, so I finally talked him into going to the doc to have it checked.  Turns out the supposedly pulled muscle is (insert dramatic soap opera music here) shingles.  Oh, yikes.  I know that sounds bad but it’s not contagious or life threatening, but still it’s not a fun thing to have.  Luckily he doesn’t have much of a rash (only two spots so far), but the pain could last for a while.  Doc has him on pain meds and an anti-inflammatory so we’ll have to see how things go.  When Hubby called to tell me what the doc said, his exact words were "I’m old.  I have shingles.  Only old people get shingles."  Poor baby . . . he’s only 52 and that’s not old . . . (which is what I told him!) 
(By the way, the stupid cold thing has turned into my annual cottonwood allergy thing.  Still have the odd coughing fit, but I’m not going to complain anymore about it.  How can I complain about a stupid coughing fit when Hubby’s got shingles and it’s hurts him to breathe?!) 
My newest reality TV addiction is Last Comic Standing.  Hubby started watching the auditions last night and I got hooked.  We had to watch the whole show just to see who got picked.  Now I’m going to be spending Tuesday nights watching the show to see who wins.  I hate when Hubby gets me hooked on these stupid reality shows . . . . a couple of years ago he got me hooked on The Real Gilligan’s Island and last year was Dancing With The Stars.  The man is a bad influence!!
With that . . . I need to get back to work!!


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