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Another Luci First

This was Luci’s first Memorial Day holiday.  I know she doesn’t have a clue as to what the holiday was about, but she did know that Mommy and Daddy were home for three days.  She got to play in the pool and the sprinkler.  She’s learning that little black doggies shouldn’t sun bathe on the deck and she’s learning the importance of shade.  Most importantly, she’s learning the joys of central air.  We turned the AC on late last week because we knew it was going to get very warm (in the 90’s) over the weekend.  Blacky has always loved the AC – he lays in front of the register in the kitchen so that he can have the cool air blowing in his face.  Luci’s still trying to figure out where the cold air is coming from and what the heck is that noise?  (The AC makes a little more noise than the furnace and it really gets her attention when it first kicks on.) 


Hubby went fishing Sunday night so that left me, Luci, and Blacky home alone most of the evening.  We got to watch the NASCAR race without listening to Hubby complain (he’s not a NASCAR fan).  I had the race on while I was cleaning the house and Blacky and Luci were in the living room in front of the TV.  I know that Blacky listens to the TV, but I’ve never actually seen him watch TV.  Luci does watch TV.  She seems to be able to the action on the screen and will follow something if it catches her attention.  I’ve watched her try to figure out where the cars go when they zoom off the edge of the TV screen.  At one point, she was watching the race when I left the room to go check on the laundry and when I came back upstairs, she was asleep in front of the TV.  A true NASCAR fan! 


I cooked out all weekend, just like I hoped I would be able to.  We had ribs on the grill yesterday.  I cooked them in the pressure cooker first so they wouldn’t take forever on the grill.  Luci is usually in the kitchen with me when I’m cooking, but she wasn’t too sure about the pressure cooker when it started to whistle and make noise.  She could smell the ribs that were cooking, but the noise the pressure cooker made when the pressure started to build spooked her a bit.  She didn’t bark at it, she just sat and stared at it and then stared at me like "What the heck is that?"  I tried to get her to go outside so that she wouldn’t be spooked by it, but she just sat at the back door and looked in at me. 


It was a wonderful weekend.  I got to spend time with Hubby and the dogs.  I sat on the deck with Blacky and watched Luci run around the yard chasing squirrels.  I got to splash in the wading pool and play in the sprinkler.  I didn’t have any plans and I didn’t have to be anywhere at any particular time.  It was nice and relaxing. . . . I can’t wait for the next long holiday weekend!!



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