Summer Fun

I’m having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  I haven’t done much of anything and that’s a good thing.  Right now Hubby is out fishing and I have the house to myself for the next few hours.  I think I might actually do some housework.  I did get the kitchen and mudroom floor mopped yesterday and did some laundry.  The rest of the house could stand dusting and running the sweeper.
See, the problem is that it’s sunny and warm and I don’t want to stay in the house.  I’ve been out in the back yard with the doggies.  When the temperature gets above 70 degrees, then Blacky knows that it’s time to get the wading pool out.  He’s been staring at it a couple of times the last week or so and I told him that we’d do it over the weekend.  Yesterday I finally got it out for him.  Oh, he was so excited.  Luci didn’t have any idea why he was so excited . . . but that changed the minute I got the hose out and put it in the pool.  I was afraid that Blacky wouldn’t want to share the pool or the hose with Luci, but he really surprised me! 
After we got some water in the pool, I got out the new sprinkler and put it in the yard for them.  They had a good time with that, too.  I’ve never seen two dogs drink so much water.  Of course, they played in the sprinkler and the pool for about 20 minutes and then wanted to go back in the house . . . soaking wet!  I played fetch with them for a little while so that they’d get dry enough to go back in the house.
Today and tomorrow are pretty much the same thing . . . . lazy, not doing much, no plans.  Life is good!


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4 responses to “Summer Fun

  1. Kadrin

    Glad yer enjoying yerself : )
    loved the how you met hubby story. Glad to see ya still posting too : )
    hugs Kat

  2. Sue

    sounds like you\’re having a good weekend!  AND it\’s warm!  that\’s a bonus.
    Thank you for coming by and leaving your wonderful sweet thoughts this past week and today.  It is so much appreciated.  I\’ve been reading some of your entries and they are really enjoyable!  I would love see Princess Diana\’s exhibit and my hubby and I still celebrate our first date and wedding anniversaries every year for 22 years.  I\’ll be back to see you!  ; )

  3. Nikki

    What a wonderful way to spend the day….watching two doggies play  🙂  All my cat does is sleep.  boring…. 

  4. Beth

    It is wonderful, the love that you show for your \’doggies.\’  What fun watching them play in the water.

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