I got to visit the Princess Diana exhibit today.  It’s a collection of some of her clothes (including THE wedding dress), some of her toys and other mementos from her childhood.  And the largest collection of condolence books that I’ve every seen.  Geeze, one whole room was filled with nothing but the condolence books that were filled when she died.  There was the handwritten text of her brother’s speech at her funeral, the handwritten sheet music from Elton John.  I’ve been a Princess Diana fan from day one and this was something that I was NOT going to miss.  The exhibit also included some of the Spencer family home movies from when Diana was a child.  It was pretty interesting to see that they taped and photographed the same kinds of things that my family photographed.  Some of the photos in the albums looked alot like some of the ones in my family photo albums.  
The clothes were beautiful.  The wedding dress was just gorgeous . . . and I looked at every bead and every sequin.  The 25 foot train was unbelievable.  I can’t imagine walking around in something that big.  As beautiful as they were, though, they just didn’t look the same hanging on the dress dummies.  
I couldn’t believe that she’s been dead almost 10 years.  From the looks of the lines at the exhibit, she’s still as popular today as when she was alive.  This exhibit started in February and will run through the middle of June.  It was an hour and half wait to get into the exhbit and then it took about another hour to go through the various displays.  I’m tired and my legs hurt from standing in line for so long, but it was worth it. 

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