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A Vacation Day At Wal-Mart

Yes, you read that correctly.  I took a vacation day yesterday to go to the Grand Opening of one of the new Super Wal-Mart stores to open in my town.  Okay, I know that a lot of people see Wal-Mart as an evil corporate monster, but I like Wal-Mart and I’m excited to have one fairly close to my house. 


First, a little background.  Hubby and I have lived in our house for 16 years.  When we first moved to our end of town, there was a small Meijer department store close to the grocery store that I went to every week.  After a couple of years, Meijer built a large superstore on the other end of town and closed the one close to my house.  There also used to be a Lowe’s close to our house.  But they also built a large superstore on the other end of town (across from Meijer) and closed the store close to my house.  Since Meijer and Lowe’s relocated, every other type of store and restaurant imaginable has located a store on that end of town.  Wal-Mart, Best Buy, PetSmart, Panera Bread, Quizno’s , White Castle, Home Depot, Target.  If it’s in our town, you can bet that it’s on that end of town.  There are stores and restaurants on my end of town, too, but it would be nice if one of the new things coming to town would locate on my end instead of lumping everything over on the other end.  The town I live in isn’t that big, so the problem isn’t the amount of time that it takes with having to get across town to go to one of these stores.  The problem is the traffic congestion.  It takes forever to get out of one of those parking lots.  It’s the frustration of not being able to make a quick trip for something.   I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wished that they’d build something on my end of town . . . . 


Well, "they" finally listened to me (and all the other people that live on my end of town) and built a Super Wal-Mart about 10 minutes away from my house and I knew that there was no way I was going to miss opening day.  (Yes, they built a Super Wal-Mart on the other end of town, too.  A town of 65,000 people has two Super Wal-Mart stores on either end!)  I’ve waited 16 years for this day and I’m going to be part of it.  You should have heard the boss laugh when I told him what I was planning to do on my day off.    


I wasn’t there for the grand opening ceremonies – they took place at 7:30 a.m. and I knew it would be a zoo – but I got there about 10:30 and stayed for about three hours.  I went through every aisle in the grocery department, I went through every other department (some of them twice!), I looked at just about everything in that store.  I watched the HD TV’s in the electronics department.  I listened to CD’s in the music department.  I checked out the live bait for sale in the sporting goods department.  (Worms for sale in Wal-Mart!  Wait ’til Hubby hears about this!)  During my trip through the store, I got something for everybody.  Movie for hubby, paperback book for me, treats for the doggies and the kitty, some grocery items that I haven’t been able to find at Kroger’s lately, a rug for Luci’s crate, a towel to dry off the dog’s feet.  Nothing extravagant.  When my tummy started growling and my feet started to hurt, I picked up something yummy for lunch and headed for home.  I was parked in the last parking spot in the lot, so it took a little while to find my car.  Then it took me a while to find a cart corral . . . you know me, I have to put the cart where it belongs.  They can’t be out and about crashing into unsuspecting cars!  It was wonderful to drive home without having to wait for three lights before you could get out of the parking lot.  It was heaven to be home in less than 10 minutes.  Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. 


The prices in the grocery dept. were about the same as Kroger, so I’ll still go to Kroger for my groceries.  After all, I’ve been going there for a really long time.  Why switch now?  But it’s just so nice to know that a little farther up the hill is Wal-Mart.   


I’m a happy girl. 

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