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I had this wonderful entry all typed out about the bad days Blacky and Luci are having because of the cool and rainy weather that we’ve been having lately.  I clicked on "Publish Entry" and got the dreaded "Space Not Available.  Please try again!" message.  All my work was gone.  What happened?  Where did it go?  Why didn’t it just save it as a draft.  Aaarrgghhh!!   Guess I have to start over.  Grumble, grumble, curse, curse, grumble!
Here’s what I remember of the lost entry.  
Now I understand why Mom always hated rainy days when we were kids.  The kids will drive you crazy if you can’t send them outside to play.  We’ve had several rainy days lately and we’re expecting to have a few more.  Typical spring Ohio weather.  Luci is pouting because she can’t go out and play.  She’s sitting at the front door and letting out heavy sighs every few minutes.  I don’t let her out when it’s raining really hard, but I will let her out if it’s just light drizzle or sprinkles.  Not that I have much of a choice.  If Luci thinks I’m ignoring her, she’ll sneak up behind me and bark really loud or she’ll head butt the back door.  She’ll usually want me to come out and play fetch with her.  Yes, I’ve put on the raincoat and gone out to play fetch in the rain. 
Blacky’s having some problems with the change in the weather, too.  His arthritis always acts up when we have these cool wet spells.  I’ve noticed that he’s having a hard time getting up after a nap, but once he’s up and running there’s no stopping the boy.  Blacky also has a fear of thunder and lightning and has spent a fair amount of time with his head under the bed.  But I’m not sure if that because of the storms or because he’s trying to hide from Luci. 
Needless to say, I haven’t got much housework done today.  But then I’ve gotten to spend some quality time with my babies.  What better way to spend Mother’s Day Weekend.
Okay, now let’s hope that the @#%^! "Publish Entry" button works this time! 


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