Evil Luci

I’ve said several times that Luci is going to be the death of me.  When I said it, I meant that I’m just not cut out for a puppy and that she’s wearing me out.  I never meant that she was literally going to kill me . . . that was until yesterday.


She’s developed this very cute habit of hitting me in the leg with her nose when she wants my attention.  She did that again yesterday while I was getting ready for work.  I can’t resist those sad brown eyes, so I told her that we’d go outside to play fetch for a little bit.  She grabbed her rubber bone and took off for the stairs – with me right behind her.  Luci has a bad habit of dropping her toys and watching them roll down the stairs.  Halfway down the stairs she dropped the rubber bone.  I didn’t see it and stepped on it. . . and slid down the bottom half of the stairs on my back.  Luci got scared from all the noise of Mommy bouncing down the stairs (I don’t remember if I screamed on the way down) and ran away from me.  Blacky was in the living room and sat and looked at me like "That’s not how you come down the stairs."  After I got to the bottom of the stairs, Luci thought I was ready to play and came over to lick my face.  I took a quick inventory to make sure I wasn’t hurt and that I hadn’t broken the banister on the stairs.  The first thing I said to Luci when I got up was "Dog, you are going to be the death of me yet."   Then I started the "What have I told you about leaving your toys on the stairs" lecture as I walked outside to play fetch with her. 


I’m a klutz and I trip, fall, or run into things on a regular basis.  I also have a sick and twisted sense of humor and I see all kinds of humor these types of situations.  I laughed myself silly over it all day.  I was laughing so hard when I was trying to tell Hubby what happened that I had to stop in the story a couple of times just so he could understand what I was saying. 


Today I’m suffering the after effects of my trip down the stairs.  I’m hurting in places that I didn’t even know existed.  Practically everything from my shoulder blades to my rear end are sore.  I know it could have been a lot worse and I could have been seriously hurt.  But since I wasn’t, I am still laughing about the incident . . . especially when I’m wincing in pain and I think about how I got hurt in the first place. 


I told Luci this morning that Mommy was sore and it was all her fault.  Her answer was to drop her tennis ball and watch it bounce down the stairs.  Be afraid, be very afraid!!



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4 responses to “Evil Luci

  1. barnyardmama

    Oh, I don\’t have any stairs, but I\’m always stepping on dog bones in the dard–ouch!  But what do you expect from lucifer?

  2. Rosebay

    Hi there,
    Thanks for stopping by. I\’ve been reading about your dogs. They are so much fun. I have little dog (dachshund 4) and big dog (weimaraner 12) and your stories of Blcky and Luci remind me of them. Sometimes I am just sure big dog sent little dog to tell me it is time to eat or go out. Big dog get aggrevated at little dog too sometimes. I don\’t know what I would do without them. Good luck with that lab puppy though. I\’ve had labs and they do love to chew and chew and chew.
    Have a good weekend.

  3. Grandma

    Yikes! I am sure Luci was very sorry and felt bad that you are sore from your fall. We dogs would never step on a toy and fall down, we would step over it. So it just doesn\’t occur to us that you will fall over our toys. We forget that you humans aren\’t as lithe and agile as we are.  That\’s one of the drawbacks to having just two legs and two feet- you humans tip over a lot easier than we do!
    Big Wags,

  4. Nadine

     I am sorry but I did giggle….I too have fallen down the stairs. We have an old farmhouse. It has a very steep and narrow staircase. And VERY SLICK……..One day while home alone, I was up stairs in our bedroom….Roy was at work….So I stood at the top of the stairs…I have to think about them before I step on them becuz they are steep and dark…..Right off the bat, my foot slid…….I thought, Oh God don\’t let me break my neck…..I had one hand on the railing and one hand on the wall as I slid all the way down on my left butt cheek…all 11 steps……As I layed at the bottom, I took inventory of my parts to make sure that all of me was at the bottom becuz I didn\’t want to go back up there to get it and that I was alive and no blood or broken bones…… Thank you God! We now sleep down stairs!

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