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Dinner With The Camdens

Tonight is the final episode of "Seventh Heaven."  Yes, I sad about that.  I’m one of those people who loved "Little House on the Prairie," and "The Waltons".  I discovered "Seventh Heaven" by accident when I was flipping through the channels back during the early days of the show and fell in love with the happy, positive family message that it sent out.  Hubby and Jr. both make fun my devotion to the show, but I watch it every week.  
A few years ago, Hubby started bowling on Monday nights and I had the whole house to myself for the evening.  I would do whatever housework or errands I needed to get done early so I could eat supper while watching the show.  It was a highlight of my week.  Even the dogs know not to bother Mommy for that hour on Monday nights. 
When I heard that the show was being cancelled last fall, I felt like I was losing a part of my family.  I’ve watched the kids grow up.  I followed Mary’s escapades.  I followed the storyline with Simon and the car accident.  I watched Sam and David go from being little babies to being the adorable little kids they are now.  Not to mention adorable Happy the dog . . .
What am I going to do now on Monday nights?  I guess I’ll be able to watch re-runs for a while, but what about next fall?  I’ll have to find another family to eat dinner with on Monday nights. 

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