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My Day Off

I took the day off yesterday because MIL was scheduled to have a heart catherization done.  Hubby isn’t able to get time off from work – he started a new job 6 months ago and he won’t have any paid time off until October.  I have three weeks of vacation, so I decided to take her. 
MIL had a heart attack 10 years ago.  She had triple bypass surgery done and was in the hospital for about three weeks.  Lots of complications.  Overall she’s in pretty good shape, considering, but we’ve had lots of procedures and follow-up stuf done in the past 10 years.  Pacemakers (2), cardiac ablations (2), heart catherization (at least one every other year), angioplasty & stent.  Anyway, we’ve been in the hospital alot so this isn’t something unusual for me. 
Plan was to get up at 4:30 a.m. in order to be at the hospital by 6 a.m.  Have the procedure done, get MIL home and settled, then take a nap in the afternoon.  Most of that happened.  MIL got to the hospital on time, had the procedure done, they didn’t find anything wrong with her heart, she rested for a couple of hours and then they sent her home.  Now that was a new development.  The last heart cath she had done, she had to lay flat for 8 hours before they’d send her home.  Technology is wonderful.  
Got MIL settled, told her I’d be back to check on her a little later.  Went home to take a nap . . . . that’s where the plan derailed!  Luci was so excited that I was home for the day that she wanted to play and wouldn’t leave me alone long enough to take a nap.  I could have put her in the crate, but I was afraid that she’d just whine.  She’s not going to be little forever, so I should take advantage of it.  We went outside to play fetch and whatever we could get into. 
It was a beautiful day – sun was shining and it was warm.  Got to spend quality time with the doggies.  MIL doesn’t have any serious health problem.  Got to have a little bit of "me" time – even if it wasn’t exactly what I had planned.  Yes, I had a good day!

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