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I’ve been trying to get this blog written since Friday.  The subject matter has me so mad that I can’t even get a coherent blog out about it.  Hopefully I’ve calmed down enough that I can get it posted this time. 
I live in a small county in south central Ohio.  Population 145,000.  In local politics around here, the incumbent pretty much has a job for life.  Unless you decide to retire or do something really bad to screw up, you have a job for as long as you want it.  Most of the time, the incumbent is unopposed in the primary election . . . and sometimes unopposed in the general election as well.  This year, the county auditor is running for re-election.  He’s had the job for a few years and he’s been re-elected at least once.  The guy running against the auditor can’t really complain about the job that he’s doing, so he’s taking cheap shots about a DUI (drunk driving charge) that the auditor got picked up for last fall.  The auditor was driving a county vehicle on a weekend and got stopped for DUI, failure to stop for a police officer, and not wearing a seat belt.  
Now I understand that negative ads are part of politics, but they’ve just never been a big part of local politics here in my county.  I think it’s sad that this guy can’t/won’t tell the voters why he should be the auditor, but would rather dig up dirt on the current auditor. 
But that’s not what’s got me all upset.  On Thursday, I got an post card in the mail that was a negative ad about the current auditor.  I can’t prove that it’s not from his opponent, but who else would send out such a thing?  Each ad has to have a line explaining who financed the ad – and this ad’s line was "Paid for by Elect Me! Me! Me!  U Gottabe Nutz, Treasurer".  The ad contained lines from the State Trooper’s report when the auditor was stopped for the DUI.  It was the most mean-spirited and cowardly ad that I’ve ever seen.  I’ve never seen anything this mean even in a national or state-wide election.  I was so offended and upset about this ad that I called the local Board of Elections to see what I could do to file a complaint about this ad.  Because the tag line of the ad didn’t list a real person or a real organization, there really isn’t anything that I can do to complain about this ad.  The local Board of Elections official told me that the county auditor race had gotten very ugly and that she wasn’t surprised to hear about the post card that I had gotten. 
I did call the current auditor and told him about the ad that I had received.  He hadn’t heard about that particular ad, but he knew that there were some other pretty mean things being sent out to local voters.  He asked me to fax him a copy of the ad that I had, and I did.  
When the DUI charge happened last fall, I knew that this was going to be used against the auditor when/if he decided to run for re-election.  So I’m not surprised about the post card that I received.  I am upset that the person that sent out the post card didn’t have the integrity or the character to claim responsibility for it.  If you’re going to bash a man’s character and dish out all the gory details of a police report, shouldn’t you be man/woman enough to take responsibility for it?!  It’s not like we’re talking major politics here, people, it’s a county auditor’s race! Is this necessary? 
Since I don’t know for sure that the opponent isn’t behind this ad, and since I had already decided not to vote for the current auditor (for reasons other than the DUI), I may choose to not vote for either candidate in this particular race.  I guess I’ll have to face the fact that I don’t live in a sleepy little town and that local politics here are just as cut-throat as that on the state or national level.  I think maybe that’s why I’m so upset.  They took away part of the charm of living in this small community.   


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3 responses to “Local Politics

  1. Kadrin

    Just got caught up on here. I would let the vet know why you left, they need to know that kind of feedback, I would say, beautiful pics of the pets btw.
    I agree that a good secretary is indispensable and IS the office manager. Enjoy yer girls day : )hugs Kat

  2. Nikki

    It sucks, doesn\’t it.  😦

  3. Unknown

     I\’ve changed vets at times because I moved around the US and other countries quite a bit, but also because I didn\’t like the way some vets acted with my pets or toward me. Once when I\’d a dying animal, I didn\’t know she was in such a bad state (denial) and my husband couldn\’t or wouldn\’t hear of putting her down he kept on blaming the vet…but he wouldn\’t take the cat himself, obviously at some level he knew how bad it was and is the person who can\’t take death very well. I\’m always the one left to say the final good bye at the vet\’s office. But this time this vet really got me the wrong way. I was crying and telling her about the symptoms of my poor miserable cat and he was looking away from me, then he said "It\’s terrible isn\’t it?…" and turned around to call his clerk to tell her something totally unrelated. I was so terribly hurt that I got angry, I don\’t even know what I managed to sputter…but I picked up my cat and practically ran out and into my car. He never billed me and I never returned. The next vet ran a test and told me "Please don\’t let her live in this state anymore…" He was the most expensive vet in town, but he was the most honest, most concerned and not just for me, but for the one who counted at that very moment: The Patient.

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