Home Alone

It’s Saturday morning and I have the whole house all to myself for the entire weekend.  Hubby is on his way to a bowling tournament and will be gone until sometime tomorrow evening.  Normally, I go with Hubby to these things, but this was a last minute kind of a thing and I thought it would be nice for Hubby to have a "guy’s weekend".  Which means I would get to have a "girl’s weekend" here at home.  Bowling tournaments aren’t really much fun for me.  I go to be supportive of Hubby, and I get to socialize with the other wives and check out the local shopping centers, but it’s really just spending a weekend sitting in a bowling alley being bored silly.  
I have all kinds of cool plans for the weekend.  I’ve already taken Luci to get her nails done.  Nothing too foo-foo – just got them clipped.  There’s no way that I’m going to try and clip them myself.  It’s worth the $6 to take her to the groomer and let them do it.  Interesting side note – Luci now weighs 70.5 lbs.  I weighed her at the groomers.  Yikes!!  My baby is growing before my very eyes. 
I’m going to fix spaghetti for supper tonight.  Hubby has acid reflux and isn’t able to tolerate spaghetti sauce anymore. 
I have to clean out the weeds in the flower bed in front of the house.  It’s still too early to plant things here – I usually plant stuff closer to Mother’s Day weekend. 
Housework – yea, I’m going to do housework.  This is cool because Hubby isn’t under my feet and I can work at my own pace.
Going to the movies tomorrow afternoon.  I’m planning to see United 93 – the movie about the plane that crashed in the field in Pennsylvania on September 11.  Hubby didn’t want to see it, so I’m taking advantage of my "girl’s weekend" to see it all by myself.  
Trip to Wal-Mart and the Mall.  Weekly trip.  Getting the usual stuff.  Oh, and I have to pick up a new nose trimmer thing for Hubby.  We can’t find one part of the one he has and I have a horrible feeling that Luci has eaten it. 
Work on my cross stitch.  May sound boring to you, but it’s something that I enjoy but don’t always find the time to do. 
Spend time with the puppies.  They’re part of the reason I didn’t go to the bowling tournament.  We’re going away for a few days in June and they’ll be in the kennel when we’re gone.  Blacky barks the entire time he’s at the kennel and he sometimes ends up with kennel cough – even though he has the kennel cough shots.  I knew that he’d end up with it for sure if we had him in the kennel twice in two months.  I could have had somebody housesit for me, but then Luci would spend a lot of time in her crate, and I didn’t want that.  So, I’m going to stay home and spend a lot of time with them. 
I guess I better get moving on my chores if I want to get to the "girl’s weekend" part . . .


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  1. Nikki

    I love doing cross stitch!  I normally will do it on a white pillow case and after I\’m done, I\’ll give it to my close friends.  I\’m trying to make one for everyone of my friends…..good friends, that is.  So far, I\’ve made 2 pairs of the pillowcase…..and the one I\’m working on is for my housemate.  When I gave the 1st pair of pillowcase to my friend, she was shocked that I was able to sit still long enough to actually finish doing it.  🙂  Well hope you\’re having a great girl\’s weekend, so far…..

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