Orange Barrels

You can always tell it’s spring in Ohio when the state flowers start to bloom.  I’m talking about the glorious Orange Barrels.  (Okay, maybe they aren’t the state flower, but they should be.  The stupid things are everywhere.)  I started to get a little concerned when I saw them on my way into work on Monday morning.  Hmm, this can’t be good.  I have a 30 minute drive from home to work each morning and seeing the Orange Barrels only means that my drive is going to get longer.  I noticed that the Orange Barrels were on both sides of the highway – which meant that I would have delays both going to work and coming back home.  Yuck, yuck, yuck.  Alternate routes?  Not a good option because those highways are ALSO plagued with Orange Barrels.  You see, the State of Ohio loves to work on all roads in a particular area at the same time and the area I live in is in the middle of a major highway renovation that’s going to last at least 5 years.  Sucks to be me. 


I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’m going to have to deal with construction.  I know that when I get in the car and I’ve prepared myself mentally for that. I make sure that I go to the little girls room before I leave for work and before I leave work to come home.  I make sure that I have plenty of gas in the car in case I get stuck in a really long line.  I’ve seen the signs about which lane is going to be closed and I know where the construction zone starts and approximately how far I have to go before I’m out of it.  You can’t miss the big orange signs along the side of the road.  


But I’m getting really ticked off at the people who either aren’t paying attention or don’t have a clue as to what proper construction zone etiquette is.  Let’s review:


When you see a sign that says a lane is going to be closed – merge into the lane that is going to be open as quickly as possible.  Don’t zip down the empty lane and expect to cut in front of me because you’re too impatient/important to merge like the rest of the us poor suckers who have been stuck in line for the last 10 minutes.  I’m not intimidated by you just because you’re a great big bus or a big SUV.  I’ve got full coverage on this car and I’m not afraid to use it. 


Don’t stop and gawk at the construction workers.  Honestly, people.  What are you expecting to see?  Are the ladies expecting to find a cute hunk just waiting by the side of the road?  Are you trying to get some tips on your next home improvement project.  Just keep driving through the construction zone so that we can all get home before we turn into old people.  


Stop tailgating me!  Don’t you see the long line of traffic ahead of me?  Do you really think that I’m going to be able to go faster just because you’ve attached yourself to my back bumper? 


Get off the cell phone.  Once the traffic starts to move at a decent pace, I’d like to get back to my normal cruising speed but I can’t do that if you’ve got your cell phone attached to your ear and driving 5 mph with nobody ahead of you and no way for me to pass you. 


Can anybody explain to me why these problems exist?  It’s bad enough that we have to deal with the construction without adding stupidity to the mix. 


I feel better now . . . . but don’t be surprised if I don’t drag this rant out again at least once before the end of construction season. 



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2 responses to “Orange Barrels

  1. s46

    "I\’ve got full coverage on this car and I\’m not afraid to use it."
    I love that line and I am behind you about 90% of the way with this post… except I have to admit I am always on my cellphone… : /
    I\’m glad you found my space and I am looking forward to reading yours more often. I can tell already that I really like your style!

  2. Nikki

    Well the traffic in Hawaii come to an almost halt whenever it rains!!!  Not constructions, nothing.  Just rain.  Even when it\’s just a light drizzle…..argh!  I understand when it rains, you have to be more careful but not to the point where one has to drive like 5mph.  Irritating, ain\’t it?

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