Becoming My Mother

There have been many times I’ve compared raising dogs to raising kids.  There are times when I think that dealing with the dogs is much easier than dealing with the step-kids years ago.  Even though it’s easier to deal with the dogs, it’s still takes quite a bit of time and energy.  So there is one thing that amazes me.  I have trouble trying to manage a household and deal with two dogs yet my mom managed 4 kids at home at the same time, run a household, and not lose her mind. 


My mom was a stay-at-home mom all during my growing-up years.  After she married my dad, she worked until she got pregnant with my oldest sister, stayed home to raise all of us, and didn’t get a job outside of the house until after my little brother graduated from high school.  The house was always spotless and supper was always on the table when Dad got home by 5:30 every night.  She did this every day for over 34 years.  To this day, she still operates by the same schedule that she used when we were little kids.  I don’t know how she did it, but she did.  Add to that equation 4 kids of varying ages that were underfoot all the time and you’ll understand how amazing that feat was. 


I, however, can’t manage to deal with one 7 month old dog and get the floor mopped in less than three hours.  Monday nights, I’m home alone with the dogs after work.  Hubby bowls on Monday nights.  He leaves the house before I get home from work and is gone until about 9 p.m.  I have the whole house to myself from 6 p.m. (when I get home from work) until about 9 p.m.  My usual schedule for Monday nights is to mop the kitchen floor, mop the mud room floor, maybe do a load of laundry, fix myself some supper.  I get home from work, let the dogs out to go potty, read the mail, change my clothes and am usually I’m ready to work on the floor mopping by 6:30.  Since the weather is nice, Luci and Blacky like to stay outside as much as possible.  Blacky only comes in to make sure I’m still around and to get a drink of water.  If he’s done being out in the yard, he’ll come in and lay down in the living room or go upstairs to his doggie bed.  Never presents a problem.  Luci is a different story.  If she’s outside, I have to make sure she isn’t eating the lattice off the deck or digging big holes in the back yard – that requires me to stop what I’m doing about every 15 minutes to go outside and check on her.  If she thinks that I’m doing something more fun that what she’s doing, she has to come in and see what I’m doing.  Then she has to go find Blacky and see what he’s doing.  Next is a drink of water – which usually leaves either a small puddle or a small stream of water on the floor.  (Depends on how thirsty she is and how fast she moves to her next target.)  This goes on all night long.  Now I could probably put her in her cage while I’m working on the floor, but I feel guilty if I do that since she’s already spent a good part of her day in her cage while I’m at work.  So a job that used to take me about an hour – moping the kitchen and the mud room – now takes most of my evening.  But Luci is growing fast and I’m sure the hyper puppy stage isn’t going to last forever.  But I really don’t want her personality to change.  I enjoy watching her hyper little puppy antics.  I just wish I had inherited my Mom’s fantastic organizational genes so that I could the housework done and still have time to enjoy Luci while she’s still a puppy.


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