Where Have I Been?

I can’t believe it’s been Thursday since I posted an entry.  Oops.  Last week was very busy getting the boss out the door for his vacation and when he was finally gone and I left the office I don’t think I got on the computer all weekend.  If I did get on the computer, Luci didn’t let me stay on it for long. 


Here’s a summary of the last few days –


Friday – I left the office at noon.  The sun was shining, it was warm, and I had plans to be outside until it started to rain or hubby came home – which ever happened first.  I got the deck ready for spring.  Washed the deck chairs and the chairs on the front porch.  Washed the two little side tables and the big picnic table.  Washed the deck box that contains the cushions for the picnic table.  Put the umbrella up.  Blacky stayed in the house, but Luci had to be outside to see what Mommy was doing.  She tried to eat the soap bubbles and tried to steal the sponge away from me.  Then she had to lick all the chairs, tables, and foot stools dry.  Got done just before it started to rain . . . . isn’t that always the way.  Then decided it was time for some "me" time – shaved the legs and gave myself a manicure.  I managed to get the toenails painted while Luci was asleep.  She likes the red nail polish . . . she now thinks my toes are candy.  Blacky was just happy that Luci wasn’t bothering him . . . and that Mommy was home for the afternoon. 


Saturday – Domestic goddess stuff.  Had lunch with Hubby.  Did some shopping.  Went to Easter Vigil Mass to see my brother get confirmed.  We were all raised in the Catholic faith – Mom made sure of that – but Lil Bro decided that he wasn’t sure he wanted to be Catholic and didn’t get confirmed as a teenager.  He kind of fell away from the Catholic church over the years, but came back a year ago and got confirmed this year.  Mom was ecstatic that now all of her children are confirmed Catholics . . . and that she lived long enough to see it.  Yes, I cried during the service.


Sunday – Easter Sunday.  Gave the doggies their Easter goodies – toys and treats.  Luci destroyed two of the toys in record time.  One of the remaining toys had a leg amputated last night.  She’s either got very powerful jaws or I got some really cheap toys.  Went to dinner at MIL’s.  Ate too much.  After dinner, Hubby and I went to the Marina to check out his dock space.  He’s hoping to get the boat out to the dock by the end of next week.  Learned a very important lesson – always take a sweater when you go to the Marina.  You never know when the wind is going to kick up and I don’t like being cold


So, that was the weekend.  Back to work.  Boss is on vacation and I’m enjoying the peace and quiet.  Have to take the tax returns to the post office.  Yippeee!!  Wonder how packed that’s going to be.  But the sun is shining so it should be a nice walk.  



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4 responses to “Where Have I Been?

  1. Gelati Farms

    Thanks for popping by…I know you had been by before, but life got nutso with all of us getting sick and feeling poopy…
    Anyways, I am back…almost full force…although, I get you when you said that you couldn\’t believe you hadn\’t posted for 4 days.  Time is flying…now that spring is here, all I want to do is play outside!
    I, too, was raised Catholic.  I left the Church at around 20…have not been back since.  I bet my grandmother would feel very much as your mom did if we all went back to the Church.  Just not ready for it yet.  It is a beautiful thing that your brother made the decision as an adult to go back and get confirmed.
    I also spent the holiday at my MIL…also ate too much, and am still eating too much chocolate…real problem when you have children…all of their chocolate becomes my chocolate…and my bum and belly do NOT need it ;D
    Hope all is well with you and yours…I enjoyed reading your blogs.  I seriously don\’t know if it is more or less work to have 2 legged rather than 4 legged children…

  2. Nikki

    Does sound like a wonderfully, relaxing weekend.  🙂 

  3. Gina

    Sounds like a great weekend.  Very productive.  On Friday, I washed all the windows and screens since it was such a beautiful day.  Then it rained.  *sigh*.  The good news is, Manny now has a clean window to peer out of…

  4. Chris

    Thanks for stopping by site!  Great blog!  Loved this entry when you mentioned that Luci would think your toes were candy.  Had to chuckle at that one!  And I\’m always glad to hear about other filing their taxes on the last possible day.  This has been my routine for the last 17 years!  Don\’t know what I\’d do if I got done early…
    Take care and have a great week!

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