Sunday Adventures

Yesterday Hubby and I went shopping for some stuff that he needs to get the boat ready for the upcoming boat/fishing season.  One of our stops was Radio Shack to pick up a pair of speakers to replace the ones currently on the boat.  We were greeted by the Radio Shack associate who told us that they didn’t carry speakers like that anymore.  Hubby and I looked at the associate and then at each other and said "What?!"  We couldn’t believe that Radio Shack didn’t have speakers for a radio.


Maybe Hubby and I are showing our age, but Radio Shack used to carry all kinds of things that you could use to make your own radio.  Transistors, wires, soldering kits – you name it, they had it.  It’s not like we haven’t been to a Radio Shack store in years – we go in there all the time for batteries or something cool that they have on sale.  We just haven’t gone in looking for speakers in a while.  They did recommend a place for us to go to find the speakers, but still what a shock.  You’d think that a place called Radio Shack would have speakers.  We found a pair of speakers that would work at the auto parts store next door to Radio Shack.


We went to Lowe’s to get the rest of the stuff that he needed to work on the boat.  I’ve discovered that Lowe’s to Hubby is like Wal-Mart to me.  I go in with a list of things, but then I’ll see something that they have on sale that I just need to buy . . . and I end up spending way more than I planned.  I never walked out of Wal-Mart spending less than $20.  Hubby has never walked out of Lowe’s spending less than $100.  Which is why Hubby never goes to Lowe’s alone.  


The weather was nice yesterday – sunny and a still a little on the cool side – so I decided that it was time to get the grill ready for summer.  I scrubbed and cleaned the grill and it looked great.  I wanted to have a picnic, so I made potato salad and was going to make hamburgers on the grill.  The one thing I forgot to have Hubby check was the amount of propane in the tank.  Yep, there wasn’t enough propane in the tank to cook the hamburgers.  Grrrr.  Hubby got the tank refilled for me today so I won’t have that problem again for a while. 


The weather is nice again today . . . I just might have to try that grill out!!



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5 responses to “Sunday Adventures

  1. Beth

    You had a busy weekend!  My husband is the same way at Menards.  I am the same way at Best Buy or Circuit City.  Anything electronic and I am hooked.  Good reason to leave the credit card at home.  lol

  2. Gina

    hehe, I wouldn\’t made a big show of being confused than asked the sales guy, "Umm…this is RADIO shack, right?"  Then again his answer would probably be yes, but we don\’t carry shacks either.

  3. Gina

    I mean I would have….

  4. Nikki

    Busy weekend, huh?  Oh…I\’m just like you when I go to Wal Mart.  I try…..i even tried going there with a list but I can never stick to the list.  Somehow I just deviate from it and I always find that I\’ll be telling myself some lame and stupid excuse for buying something that I don\’t really need….but just gotta have.  🙂 

  5. Kadrin

    Glad someones getting nice weather, We have endless days of rain here for some reason this year. Sounds like a nice weekend you had : ) hugs Kat

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