Springtime in Ohio

Thankfully, spring is finally coming to Ohio.  The grass in my back yard is trying to turn green.  I have started people-watching during my lunch hour – you’d be amazed at what people are walking around in here in the beautiful downtown business district.  The Cincinnati Reds are batting .500 (and they’ve only played two games!).  And Hubby joined the yacht club. 


Okay, so we didn’t join the local yacht club – but that’s what Hubby and I are kidding each other about this week.  Hubby has a 15′ boat with an outboard motor that he and his buddies use for fishing.  They take it to a couple of different local lakes a few times a year and spend the whole day fishing.  It’s a pain in the you-know-what to get it in and out of the lake and then park it in our back yard.  Last fall Hubby decided that he wanted to see if he could get a dock at the local marina.  He entered the dock lottery in October and had to wait until March 31 to find out if he got a space this year.  He found out that he got a space on Monday morning.  We paid the dock fees right away so they wouldn’t give his space away and Hubby’s been a happy little fisherman ever since.  Hubby is so excited about this because he’s had this boat now for a few years and this is the first time that he’ll be able to use it on a regular basis.  He’s been working on the boat every night after work to get it ready to put in the water by the end of the month.  He even asked me if I would want to go out on the boat with him this summer.  Now that’s significant because I don’t fish and I know how much he likes his going fishing with the guys – and how much I enjoy having him out of my hair for the entire day. 


Hubby is an avid fisherman – the catch and release type.  Besides the big boat, he has a little boat that he can take to the smaller lakes to fish.  I think it’s called a john boat.  (Hey, I’m not a fisherman so I have no idea what these things are called.)  Last year he went fishing at least one day each weekend.  When he goes fishing, he makes a true adventure of it and is gone for at least 10 – 12 hours.  He says that anything less is a waste of time.  He collects fishing rods and reels the way some women collect shoes.  We decorated the mud room with a nautical theme so that he could put the fishing poles in there and they wouldn’t clash with décor.  He even sent away for a worm farming kit last year so that he could raise his own fishing worms and not spend a fortune at the bait shop each week. 


I don’t mind Hubby going fishing every weekend.  It’s actually nice to get him out of the house and out from under my feet.  I can clean the house without listening to him make suggestions on how to do it better.  I can go shopping and be gone as long as I want without worrying about getting home in time to fix supper at a certain time.  I can eat what I want when I want and I can watch whatever the heck I want on TV on a Sunday afternoon.  That usually means NASCAR (which hubby hates), or a chick flick of some sort.  And it also means that I can do absolutely nothing but sit on the deck, read trashy novels, and watch Blacky play in the sprinkler and/or his baby pool. 


On that note, it’s lunchtime here and I have an appointment with a park bench to people-watch.



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3 responses to “Springtime in Ohio

  1. Kadrin

    Happy Anniversary : )
    Sorry to hear about yur fatherinlaw  : (
    Have a good weekend : )

  2. Nikki

    Have a good weekend!

  3. Yours Truly

    Happy springtime!  Wishing you lots of nice surprises at this time of year.

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