It’s Wednesday, Right?

Daylight Savings time is really messing with my head.  It’s nice to be able to do potty patrol after work in the daylight and to play with Blacky and Luci.  But all week, I’ve been thinking that it’s a day later than it really is.  Yesterday afternoon I thought it was Wednesday.  Today I’m thinking that it’s Thursday and that I need to do grocery shopping after work.  Aaarrrggg. 


I think part of the reason I kept thinking it was Wednesday was because I was hoping to skip April 5.  Five years ago today, my father-in-law passed away from lung cancer.  He was diagnosed on February 5 and he passed away on April 5.  By the time they found the cancer, it had spread to his brain and there wasn’t much they could do for him.  They tried radiation treatments, hoping that it would keep the tumor from growing, but it didn’t work.  The original prognosis was 6 months to a year, but the cancer doc said that he was guessing at best.  Hubby and I did everything we could to help his mom take care of his dad so that he could spend his last days at home.  I’ve always said that we took an incredibly short ride on a horribly rough stretch of road – and it’s a trip I never want to take again.  My mother-in-law has health problems of her own and we weren’t sure she’d be able take care of him.  Without the help of hospice, there’s no way we could have pulled it off.   God bless hospice – the nurses, the volunteers, the home health aids – and God bless the social service agencies that provided services at no charge.


He was a stubborn, crotchety old fart.  He complained a lot about just about everything and everybody, but he’d give you the shirt off his back if you needed it and never mention it again.  He loved his beer and his cigarettes and I never understood why MIL made him give them up when he got the cancer diagnosis.  Okay, I understand about the cigarettes – because of the oxygen, but the beer?!  He only had a few months left to live, shouldn’t he be able to enjoy it however he wanted?  I lost that battle – although I tried really hard.  


You know, it just never gets any easier.  I still miss him.  



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3 responses to “It’s Wednesday, Right?

  1. Nikki

    Yes it is Wednesday.  🙂  We don\’t do the whole daylight saving time things here in Hawaii.  And it always confuses me whenever I need to call to the mainland….although its just an hour diff….sitll confuses me.  🙂  Take care!

  2. Susan

    My father died 7 years ago with cancer. He was diagnosed in Sept and died 7 months later on April 18. I still miss him everyday. I does get easier to deal with over time. But sometimes I still cry like the day we buried him. I agree with you about hospice. I believe they are angels on earth. I\’ll be thinking about you today.

  3. Christine

    My MIL died on 12/15/05 of pancreatic cancer.  She had had surgery (a Whipple resection) in September of \’04.  She spent the last year of her life as an insulin dependent diabetic because they had to take so much of her pancreas.  We were fortunate to get a littl over a year with her after her diagnosis.  The docotr was not surprised the cancer came back, just that it came back so soon.  They had figured she would have another year before it returned (I guess pancreatic cancer is very agressive).  I miss her.  She was a good friend to me, and the "glue" for my hubby\’s family.
    Peace to you today as you remeber your FIL.

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