Random Friday Stuff

I forgot to mention one of my other guilty TV pleasures.  It’s a show called Kindergarten on HBO.  I usually watch it on Saturday mornings at 7:30 a.m.  It’s a reality show that follows a class of kindergartners through their school year.  Very cute show.  You just want to hug all the adorable little kids.
The bad weather that hit the Plain States yesterday has hit here in Ohio.  Very windy and rainy.  Might be stormy tonight, so Blacky is upstairs with his head under the bed.  He’s too big to get his whole body under the bed.  He figures if he can’t see the lightning, then it can’t get him.  It could be a long night tonight. 
I went to the grocery last night and noticed one of my pet peeves as soon as I got into the parking lot.  I’ll never understand why people can drag a shopping cart all the way out to their car, but they can’t drag it back one or two parking spaces to the cart corral.  They will leave the cart wherever it is convenient for them.  The weather was beautiful last night – no rain and in the mid 60’s – so that couldn’t be the problem.  This particular grocery store is very good at clearing out the cart corrals so it wasn’t that the corral was crowded.  It’s just one or two spaces away!  Yes, I took the cart and used it for my grocery shopping.  And, yes, I’ve been known to speak my mind to someone if I see them abandoning a cart.  Hubby hates when I get riled up and make a scene in public.
With the warm weather, the house was a little stuffy last night when I got home from work.  I let the dogs out to go potty and I opened up some windows and turned on the ceiling fan to circulate some air.  After I turned off the furnace, that is.  Anyway, Luci came back in and instantly got freaked out because she couldn’t figure out what the ceiling fan was and if it was going to "get" her.  I finally had to turn it off so that she would stop running in circles in the kitchen.  It should be very interesting when I turn on the box fans.  
Luci has finally decided that she’s done watching the storms – she’s been outside for the last 15 minutes playing in the sprinkles – and has come inside.  Now she’s tugging at my pant leg trying to get me to go to bed.   Good night, everyone!

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