I Love Marty Stuart

Okay, I’ll admit it.  I’m a married woman that’s in love with another man.  The man is Marty Stuart.  In case you don’t know, he’s a country artist that isn’t played a lot on country radio these days.  He’s played with everyone from Lester Flatt to Tony Bennett.  He had a few hits in the 90’s – most notably one with Travis Tritt called "The Whiskey Ain’t Workin’".  He’s more traditional country and rockabilly.  But none of that matters to me, I love the guy.  And have been in love with him for a really long time.
He came to my hometown last night and played a concert at the local community college’s performing arts center.  Oh, and yes, Hubby knows that I love Marty Stuart and that I would be making a complete idiot out of myself at this concert.  Imagine whooping and hollering during a concert with a bunch of stodgey blue hairs.  It was the best concert I’ve ever been to.  Hubby and I have season tickets for this particular concert series and we’re about 8 rows away from the stage.  I could stare at him and see the sweat on his upper lip.  Oh, I even got his autograph and got a chance to tell him that I loved him.    I was in HEAVEN! 
I sang along with every song.  I clapped and stomped and hollered.  I’m surprised I have a voice left this morning.  I clutched the CD with his autograph on it all the way home and I told Hubby that he has to bury me with that CD. 
When Hubby first suggested getting season tickets for this particular concert series a couple of years ago, I thought he was nuts.  We weren’t season ticket concert series kind of people.  But I thanked Hubby last night for insisting on getting the tickets.  If he hadn’t I wouldn’t have been able to be that close to Marty.
Like I told Hubby last night.  I may love Marty, but I love him more because he’s the one that brought me to see Marty. 
I’m off to listen to my autographed CD. . . .

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One response to “I Love Marty Stuart

  1. Kadrin

    that is so cool : )
    I went thru a bag of those peanut butter choc things too this week
    hugs Blabby

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