Time Marches On

Last night after work, Hubby and I were in the backyard playing in the snow with Blacky and Luci and I noticed that Luci seems to be all legs.  They were chasing each other through the snow and it seems like she’s almost as tall as Blacky these days.  Geeze, I remember when we first brought her home she had these huge paws and we wondered how big she was going to be if she had paws that size at 8 weeks.  Now we’re wondering how big she is going to be with legs that long.  I know that puppies grow and that they don’t stay little for long, but, yikes, this is happening way too fast for me. 


Then I realized that Blacky’s 7th birthday is April 1 and I couldn’t believe that he’s going to be considered a senior dog.  How can that be?  He still loves to run up and down the length of the yard for the pure joy of running and he loves chasing Luci around the yard.  I took a good look at Blacky last night and realized that he has gray hair around his mouth.  Yikes, he is getting old.  When did that happen?! 


But the thing that really got me to thinking is that I recently discovered a radio station that plays "oldies" and they are playing DISCO . . . which was popular when I was in high school.  I haven’t quite figured out if I’m sad that disco is coming back as nostalgia music or if I’m sad that I enjoy listening to that particular station.  


So then I started thinking about some other things . . .

  • I’m going to my 25 year high school reunion this summer.
  • Hubby and I started dating 24 years ago.
  • Hubby and I will celebrate our 22nd anniversary on April 2. 
  • Smokie (my cat) is going to be 16 years old in May.
  • We’ve been in our house for 16 years this fall.
  • Jr. (my stepson) is 33 and T (my stepdaughter) is 32 (aarrgghhh!)
  • My oldest grandson is 15 and my youngest granddaughter is 10.
  • My oldest sister passed away 9 years ago. 
  • My father-in-law passed away 5 years ago. 

Okay, now, I don’t feel like it’s been 25 years since I graduated from high school.  I can’t believe that I’ve actually been married to the same man for 22 years.  Or that the kids and grandkids are as old as they are.  When did all this happen?  I don’t remember becoming a responsible adult. 



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One response to “Time Marches On

  1. Kadrin

    I hear ya, me and my bro are always tripping on how it doesn\’t seem like it was that long ago when………………….but it is stories. Oh please tell me yer kidding about disco making a comeback: P
    I hated it the first time around, lol although I do admit to having some of the good ones still on 45, lol Blabby

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