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Weather Fibbers

Since Sunday afternoon the weather geeks have been predicting a big snow storm.  Heavy snow advisory with accumulations of 4 to 6 inches of snow.  Sent everyone into a panic and had the stores packed last night.  Yes, I was in the stores, too, but I needed dog food for Blacky.  I can honestly say I bought just what I needed and I left.  Too many crazies out on the road.


Anyway, I got up with Luci at 4:00 this morning and there was no snow, no sleet, nothing!  Well, darn!  The snow was supposed to start at midnight.  Told Luci that if we went back to bed, maybe there would be snow when we got up at 5:30.  Nope, still no snow and they downgraded the accumulation to 1 to 3 inches.  Well, double darn.  No snow day for Mommy.  Guess I better go to work. 


The snow finally hit . . . when I was a little more than halfway to work.  (I have a 45 minute commute to work every day.)  Roads got slick fast and the salt trucks/snow plows hadn’t been out yet.  And I’m driving Hubby’s precious F150 truck – which is not a 4 wheel drive.  Figured it would be better to brave it into work and then wait for the salt trucks/snow plows to clear stuff off.  Maybe I’d leave early if it was still snowing this afternoon.  I white knuckled it all the way into work and was never so glad to see the parking garage in my whole life. 


The snow stopped about 11 a.m.  Now it’s just slush.  They just issued another snow advisory.  Sorry, guys, I’m not going to believe you until I see the snow falling again.  All I ask is that it please start snowing after I get home from work today.  I don’t know if either Hubby or I can stand the strain of me driving the truck in the snow. 


I really miss my Contour.  I know I was safe driving in the snow in that car.  It had front wheel drive and would trudge through any kind of snowstorm.  I just hope the Focus realizes the big shoes (tires?) it has to fill when it comes to driving in the snow. 


Well, back to checking out the latest weather and traffic reports.

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