It Must Be Monday

Had to take the doggy mobile to the dealer today.  Took it to Mom and Dad’s yesterday for Little Sister’s birthday party and Hubby heard a noise.  A growling noise on the right front of the car.  Said it sounded like a hub bearing or a brake caliper that was stuck.  We got it back home, Hubby took a quick peek and said that it smelled like the brakes were getting hot.  Great.  Just made the second payment on it and there’s already something wrong.  Luckily we still have about 6 months left on the factory warranty so whatever it is should be covered by the warranty. 


Hubby drove the car to the Ford dealership because I’m a nervous wreck driving a car when I know there is something wrong with it.  I drove Hubby’s F150.  I adjusted the seat for my short little legs.  I forgot to move the seat back when I got out.  Hubby cracked his knee like he always does when I forget to move the seat.  It wasn’t a pleasant drive home.  I promised to ALWAYS remember to move the seat back when I get out of the truck. 


Had to drive the F150 to work.  Not a bad deal except for the parking garage.  I don’t like parking garages and I don’t like parking the F150 in tight spaces.  Luckily, I talked one of the parking garage guys to park the truck for me.  


We’re supposed to get some serious snow/ice/sleet stuff here tonight starting at midnight.  I have to stop at Wal-Mart and the grocery store on the way home tonight to get dog food and some other snow day supplies.  They’ve been talking about this storm since last night, so I bet there won’t be much stuff left to get by the time I get off work.


The good news is that Luci is starting to sleep through the night.  I didn’t have to get up with her at all over the weekend – even when the ambulance went screaming down our street at 3 a.m. Saturday morning.  It woke her up, but she went right back to sleep without having to get up.  However, she did want to get up for the day at 7 a.m. yesterday because she could hear the birds singing.  I couldn’t blame the little girl for that so we got up and she was outside terrorizing the birds and generally running amok by 7:15.  I put on some water for tea and read my paper.  She would come in long enough to eat, get a drink of water, make sure we were still there, and grab a toy to take outside. 


Just got an update on the doggy mobile.  Hubby’s first thought was right.  It was the brake caliper sticking.  They’re going to replace it, the right front rotor, and the brake pads.  And it’s all covered under the warranty.  Yippee.  Thank heavens for a warranty.  I probably won’t get the car back until Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, but at least it’s not going to cost me anything. 


On that happy note, I’ll get back to work.  But first, I need chocolate!!   


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