Joyful Things

My mood is better today.  After my pity party yesterday, I realized that I can’t make T do anything and that she’s going to make whatever decisions she wants about her life.  She’s 32 years old and has that right.  I have to respect that, even if it’s painful for me to watch.  


So, I decided to look for things to brighten my day.  Here’s what I found:


The sun was shining on my way home.  It was chilly, but it wasn’t nice to feel the sun on my face as I walked to the parking garage.


I passed by a local high school on my drive home and happened to see a little league team practicing.  It seemed odd to see the little kids playing baseball in their winter coats, but it sure was cute.  That put a big smile on my face. 


Luci and Blacky were happy to see me when I got home.  After they did their potty business, they both ran up to me and gave me puppy kisses.  Nothing better in the world after a long day at work than puppy kisses. 


Played fetch with Luci and Blacky.  Luci chased the balls and Blacky watched me throw them.  Every now and then he’d take one away from Luci and run away from her with it.  His version of "keep away" I would suppose.  Then the neighborhood cat came into the yard and Luci lost all interest in fetch.


Cooked hamburgers and French fries for supper.  Not on the grill – once the sun went down, it just didn’t seem warm enough for me to be cooking on the grill.  Tried to talk Hubby into cooking them on the grill and he said he doesn’t  cook on the grill until it’s at least 60 degrees.  Big, home cooked hamburgers and a big bunch of fries.  Comfort food that doesn’t take a long time to cook.  


When it was time for bed, I put on my just-out-of-the-dryer warm jammies and got into a nice warm bed (thank heavens for heated mattress pads!).  I lay there for a little bit listening to Hubby and Luci snoring before I fell asleep.  


I was in a much better mood by the end of the day and I woke up this morning with a completely better attitude.  Even if Luci did wake up 30 minutes before the alarm went off thinking it was time to play. . . . and Blacky decided he wanted breakfast.  To see those two beautiful faces looking at you first thing in the morning – how can you be upset about that? 


The sun is shining again, the birds are singing, and spring is around the corner.  My mood is better and I’m going to have to work at it to make sure that it stays that way. 


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  1. Kadrin

    Good for you, yes somedays its a constant redirect to look for the good in things, but if you do and you stay in the NOW its possible, so much of our time gets ruined with worries about tomorrow or what ifs and reminiscing about yesterdays that are done with, hang in there : )

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