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Why Doesn’t He Ever Listen To Me?

Over the years, I’ve often said that it’s a good thing that Hubby and I don’t have any two legged children.  We have enough trouble agreeing on how to raise the 4 legged kids that I can’t imagine what it would be like to raise a 2 legged one with him. 
I’ve been a dog mommy now for, oh, 20 years now.  While I’m fairly new at this puppy thing, I know a thing or two about caring for my dogs.  I know their personalities and I know what they will and will not do.  I can predict it with a great deal of accuracy.  I know that if we take the lampshade off Luci, she will dig at the stitches and the incision site.  I know that Luci is not ready to stay out of the crate at night and sleep in the bedroom with us.  Hubby disagrees with me on both points. 
In order to maintain harmony in the house, I followed Hubby’s suggestion and took the lampshade off Luci last night.  Within 5 minutes, she was going for the stitches and the incision.  The lampshade went back on.  I explained that it might not be so bad if she pulled the stitches out, but if the surgical site gets infected, we are in for more vet bills and another (longer) session with the lampshade.  It’s better if we just tough it out for another day or so and then be done with the lampshade for good.  I did compromise that I’d take the lampshade off if one of us could watch her and make sure she didn’t dig at the site.  If she digs at the site or if we aren’t home to watch her, the lampshade is on.  Luci is supposed to go to the vet tomorrow to get the stitches out and I’ll get the official verdict on the lampshade. 
As for the crate, I won that discussion, too.  I agreed to a trial run last weekend.  Sure enough, she got up in the middle of the night to go potty and then was ready to play.  Yes, I’m the one that got up with her both nights!  She ended up going into her crate when she came back in, went back to sleep and didn’t make any noise for the rest of the night.  I told Hubby on Sunday morning that I hadn’t gotten much sleep all weekend and she was going to continue sleeping in her crate at night.  He didn’t actually agree that I was right, but he agreed that he didn’t sleep well either.  Closest thing I’ll get to "I was wrong and you were right." . . . and I’ll take it!!
But if he would just listen to me in the first place . . . .


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