Luci Update

Well, Luci survived the surgery just fine.  She’s doing well and Mommy is very happy that surgery day is over.  I brought her home about 6 last night and she slept most of the night.  She had a hard time keeping any food down and finding a comfortable position to sleep, but once she did get comfortable she was out like a light until about 3:30 this morning. 
As bad as surgery day was, I think the next seven days are going to be just as bad.  She has some activity restrictions until the stitches come out.  I’m supposed to "strongly discourage" running and jumping and I’m supposed to take her out on a leash when she has go to potty.  The stitches come out next Friday and that’s when the restrictions are lifted.  Oh, wow, I’m gonna have my hands full for the next seven days. But at least Blacky is going to be happy that she won’t be chasing him and jumping on him for the next few days. 
So far this morning, we’ve made quite a few trips outside to make sure nothing changed since yesterday and to say "hello" to her doggie friends next door.  Anabelle and Sharkey are beagles that live next door to us and they were very happy to see Luci this morning.  She’s managed to keep her breakfast down, so she’ll get to have a mid-morning snack here in a little bit.  Right now she’s trying to chew up her lampshade. 
I’m taking the day off from work, so I’m sure that I’ll be sitting on the floor soaking up some serious snuggle time with Luci.  That’s my reward for all the worrying I’m doing. 

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  1. Kadrin

    Aw Pam, I know its hard to be the responsible owner of pets when you have to get them fixed. Just give her lots of love and Know you did the right thing. Hugs to you and her. Kat/Blabby

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