Daily Archives: March 2, 2006

Nervous Wreck

Today is Luci’s spay surgery.  In my head, I know that it’s what a responsible pet owner does to prevent unwanted litters.  In my head, I know that it’s what a responsible owner of a pure-breed dog does to protect the integrity of the breed.  But in my heart, though, my little girl is having surgery – not because she’s sick, but because I chose for her to have the surgery.  She’s going to be in pain and she’s going to have to wear that lampshade again and it’s all my fault. 


She wasn’t allowed to have any food after 6:30 last night and she did pretty good with that last night.  She was able to have water until midnight and I was able to trick her into chomping on an ice cube instead of a dog cookie.  This morning was a little harder.  She kept walking around the kitchen looking for her water dish and her food dish.  Even Blacky was a little out of sorts this morning, too, because I didn’t feed him any breakfast.  Since the no food thing is a normal routine whenever Blacky has to have blood work done, he thought he was the one going to the vet.  I can only imagine how surprised Blacky was when I left with Luci and Hubby got breakfast for him. 


I could tell that Luci was hungry this morning and she didn’t understand why Mommy wasn’t feeding her.  We’ve had the same routine for 4 months, but this morning things weren’t working the way they were supposed to.  She tried so hard to get our attention – if I didn’t feel so guilty about not feeding her, it would have been funny.  Then I put her in the car (which she hates) and drove her to the vet’s office.  She whined a couple of times in the car, but at least she didn’t get car sick this time.  She went off with the vet tech without any problems – probably hoping that they were going to feed her.  Now I just have to wait until 1:30 this afternoon to find out how the surgery went and when I can take her home.  Until then, I’m a nervous wreck!!    


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