Aww, Isn’t He Sweet?!

Monday’s are Hubby’s day off.  If he doesn’t have anything planned for the day, he is either on the computer or watching TV.  Being a typical guy, most of the time he doesn’t clean up after himself and there are assorted "gifts" for me when I come home from work on Monday night.  Nothing too serious – just enough for me to notice that this isn’t how I left the house when I went to work.  Just enough to make me spend some of my night cleaning up after him before I can get to the stuff that I had planned.  Hubby bowls on Monday nights so he’s gone before I get home from work.  If I have a mess to clean up, I mutter and mumble under my breath while I do it and by the time he gets home, the mess is gone and I’m in a better mood.  There’s really no point in saying anything to him about it.  Heck, we’ve been married 21 years.  I know by now that stuff like this goes in one ear and out the other with him. 
Yesterday was the exception to the rule.  With all the weather changes, the mud room has lived up to its name.  The dogs bring the mud into the mud room, I wipe their feet, and then they come into the kitchen with relatively clean feet.  I try to stay a step ahead of the mud, but the mud room is unheated and it was just waaaayy too cold over the weekend for me to go out and mop the floor.  I had planned to do it Monday night while watching the Olympics.  Hubby got motivated and did it for me.  Mopped the floor, wiped the door frames, cleaned the glass in the door, cleaned up the assorted "stuff" that Luci had brought into the mud room that we determined she didn’t need to be eating.  (Mostly sticks and rocks from the yard.)  Did a mighty fine job, I must say.  He even did the dishes and cleaned up after himself.  No mess for me to come home to.  Awww, isn’t he sweet?   
Of course there was a price to pay . . . there was a little "dig" about my housecleaning abilities.  Something along the lines of, "I can only look at something for so long before I do something about it."  Ooohhhkkkaaayyyyy.  Like I enjoyed looking at the muddy paw prints in the mud room?!  Why is it that the guys never notice the stuff you do – only the stuff you don’t do?!  Aaaarrrggghhhh!!! 

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