101 Things About Me – Part 4

76. My brother and I are both respectable upstanding adults now

77. My sisters were always the good children

78. Made honor society, always got good grades, stuff like that

79. My favorite color is Red

80. The only brand of jeans I’ll wear are Levis

81. 550 brand, relaxed fit, straight legs

82. I love to watch the Food Network and read cookbooks

83. I hate to cook

84. Hubby was a cook in the Navy

85. He taught me to cook, I’m not bad, I just don’t like to do it.

86. Mainly because I hate doing the dishes after

87. I’ve been a fan of "This Old House" since the first episode.

88. I would love to visit some of the houses that have been featured on the show.

89. Watching MTV these days makes me feel very, very old.

90. I love "Pimp My Ride"

91. I stopped watching scary movies after seeing "The Fly" with Jeff Goldblum

92. The donut scene is the reason why

93. Hubby LOVES scary movies

94. I go in the other room when he’s watching one

95. I’ll watch anything with Kevin Costner in it.

96. Or Antonio Banderas

97. I used to be a big fan of Tom Cruise

98. Until he divorced Nicole Kidman for no apparent reason

99. Then the fiasco that was last summer

100. I’d love to see Dr. Phil ask him "What were you thinking?"



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